Wine Spies Is All Set To Release A NFT Collection

Wine Spies’ brand Enigma sells five red-wine bottles through the auction of NFTs (non-fungible tokens). The company was purposefully constructed to make the most secret and special deals for the best wines in the world. It has launched the NFTs collection, which is backed by the actual wine bottles, and this factor makes the deal more interesting. The foundation of the company was laid down for supplying the premier-quality wine.

Wine Spies: a top-secret firm

The official website of the firm states that they approach the greatly respectable winemakers, and their identity is kept a secret. It further mentions that these winemakers only agree to collaborate after making a contract guaranteeing their secrecy to secure the source of their latest wines.

Jason Seeber, the founder of Wine Spies, revealed that during the 15 years of the wine trade, many comprehensive and far-reaching bonds had been developed by the firm with prominent wineries across the globe. He further disclosed that the firm reached the top-four of the elite producers; thus, they mutually created their first product of Enigma.

NFT collection of Enigma

The concept at the back of Enigma is based on the spycraft machines used in world-war II bearing the same title. Through Enigma machines, the coded messages were sent from Nazis. The wine brand is titled after the code breakers of England who attempted their best to stop the aforementioned activities. A cipher key is written into the cap of each Enigma-wine-bottle, which can be utilized with the help of digital code-breaking instruments to disclose the secret messages for purchasers.

The NFT collection will offer two diverse kinds of wine. One is called Howell Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon 2018, and it was obtained from a winemaker that secured a multi-100 points rating. The other wine for auction is the Santa Barbara Rose of Grenache 2019. The announcement further hints that the exact formula would be continuously utilized in the future, and the collaborations behind it would be kept a secret.

All five wine bottles to be traded will be normally labeled; however, the back label will be associated with the NFT to be purchased from OpenSea. The auction will be held on the 3rd and 15th of August, and the bidders offering the highest amounts will be provided with the ownership of the NFTs, which will be functional on the blockchain of Ether. Moreover, a physical wine bottle will be given to every winner, and he/she may choose to display or enjoy it.

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