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CRYPTOP Review – Taking a Close Look at their Offerings


CRYPTOP logoWith the popularity of online trading reaching new heights, the number of brokers offering their services in the market has multiplied in the last few years. The financial markets are downright flooded with brokers, with each of them claiming to offer the best possible services to their clients.

One of the names you will come across is that of CRYPTOP and this forex and CFD platform has been operating in the market since 2009. This means that they have over 12 years of experience, but you have to wonder why you should choose them over the newer choices. This CRYPTOP review can help you in finding out.

Just because a brokerage is experienced doesn’t guarantee that they can offer you the highest quality of services. There is a possibility that they may not be up-to-date and provide you with the latest tools, instruments or other features that have emerged in recent years.

Likewise, they may have a specific target clientele and you may not qualify for it. If you don’t want to waste your time and wish to choose an appropriate broker, you should definitely take a close look at CRYPTOP’s offerings. Go through the review below and you will have no issues.

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Security Features

Even if you don’t want it to be, there is no denying that security has become a major priority of traders these days when they are looking for a broker. You only have to look at the statistics pertaining to cyberattacks to realize just how important it is.

Therefore, you need to look at CRYPTOP’s security features as well, before you decide to trust them to keep your financial and personal information, along with your funds safe. SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology and 128-bit encryption has been used for protecting all sensitive and confidential data of traders on the platform.

This ensures that no prying eyes will be able to get access to your personal information. In addition, you will find that CRYPTOP follows international standards by offering segregated customer accounts. This means client accounts are maintained separately and their funds are not used by the broker for their own operations, ensuring their safety.

Most importantly, the KYC (Know-Your-Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) policies are also applicable and these verify all trader accounts to prevent cybercriminals from signing up and exploiting any aspect.

cryptop Security Features
Trading Products

After you have checked out the security offered to you, you should know what trading products are available. These are undoubtedly crucial because your profitability and risk pretty much depends on the products you trade.

You have to know which markets you will be able to access and the options you will be given from these markets in order to ensure they are in accordance with your expectation and needs.

After all, you want to be able to achieve your financial goals as quickly as possible. The trading products that you will find at CDRYPTOP belong to some of the biggest financial markets in the world.

They have put together over 100 trading products, which comprise of a list of profitable and popular instruments from the best financial markets globally. This not only helps every trader find a suitable product to trade, but also gives them room to diversify their portfolio and maximize their profits.

You will be able to trade stocks and indices and CRYPTOP has also added cryptocurrencies to its offerings, considering their high demand. Forex is another avenue to explore, while oils, metals and bonds are also available.

cryptop Trading Products
Trading Software

Once you are done checking out the trading products, you should take the trading software to be used for trading them into account. This varies from broker to broker and is a vital aspect of any trader’s journey, so it is not one you compromise on.

You have to have access to a platform that’s easy to use, provides you the right tools and is able to keep up with the financial markets. All these features have been incorporated into the web trading platform that CRYPTOP has developed for its clients. They have not added an already-existed solution and have preferred to come up with one of their own.

You will find a state-of-the-art platform that doesn’t need downloading and is accessible through the CRYPTOP website. The use of the latest technology ensures that traders can enjoy fast trade execution because of features like one-click trading.

They have chosen to keep the platform user-friendly because they offer services to traders from all backgrounds. Navigation is smooth and you will not have any complaints regarding breakdowns. As far as tools are concerned, you will have access to some of the best ones in the market.

There is an economic calendar available, different types of charts and graphs, price alerts, daily trading signals, a number of custom trading indicators, access to the latest financial market news and risk management tools that can also come in handy.

Moreover, due to its web-based nature, the trading platform at CRYPTOP is also able to offer flexibility to the traders. You can use it on your desktop PC, laptop, or even on mobile devices by logging onto the broker’s website.

cryptop Trading Software
Customer Support

One of the most integral aspects of a brokerage that many traders don’t focus on initially is customer support. You have to remember that it can make a big difference in your trading experience, so it is not an area that you should forget about.

You have to have support available when you need it and this is where you will find CRYPTOP to be a good option. They have added 24/5 customer support for their clients because they understand that waiting can be frustrating, especially when you are unable to trade.

They have added several channels that you can use for getting in touch with their team, such as email, phone and call back as well. Plus, you can also take advantage of CRYPTOP live chat to get some answers.

Final Words

Numerous account options, good trading conditions and easy registration make CRYPTOP a good and well-rounded broker for all.

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