Payback Ltd Review – Is The Platform Legit?

Payback Ltd Review

Payback logoIn a world where scammers lurk around every digital corner, falling victim to their fraudulent tactics is becoming increasingly common. Over the years, there have been numerous cases of people losing their hard-earned funds to romance scams, crypto scams, forex scams, and binary options scams.

Nevertheless, institutions such as Payback Ltd provide a beacon of hope for those who fall prey to online fraud.

About Payback Ltd

Payback Ltd was founded in 2008 in Israel to safeguard investors from online fraud, mainly unregulated Binary Options and Forex brokers. Payback Ltd can protect investors from losing their funds to scam operations by disrupting these scam brokers’ processing and banking channels.

The company’s efforts have led to the successful recovery of funds for numerous victims. The Payback team comprises proficient and seasoned professionals with extensive experience in the forex, crypto, and options market, cybercrime law, and international banking.

Payback website

Besides, Payback Ltd conducts thorough research on brokers and their management to uncover the loopholes in their operation. The company will use these loopholes to help fraud victims reclaim their funds.

Also, using international banking laws, Payback Ltd can reverse payments made to fraudulent brokers. Typically, clients are expected to pay an upfront fee to commence the process and a success fee upon completion.

The chargeback company promises to exhaust all available means to recover clients’ funds and only stop when all options have been exhausted. In most cases, the recovery of funds follows a straightforward four-step process:

  • Reviewing the details of the complaints
  • Collecting relevant documents
  • Confronting the scammers or owners of brokerage firms and their banks
  • Claiming the funds.

Payback Ltd Services 

Victims who file a claim receive comprehensive guidance and consultation from the company’s experienced professionals. Payback Ltd promises to keep claimants informed throughout the process, providing them with essential guidelines to safeguard themselves and their assets.

The areas in which Payback Ltd offers refund services are Forex, Cryptocurrency, Stock Trading, and Binary Options. Meanwhile, victims recovering money on their own can face serious challenges.

This is why Payback Ltd offers services to expedite the process and guarantee successful fund recovery. Additionally, Payback Ltd believes in victims taking preventive measures to avoid being scammed.

Hence, the company educates clients on the various types of scams prevalent in each service area and how to spot them. Payback Ltd provides multiple tips to protect clients from scammers and fraudsters.

For instance, the company advises customers to patronize websites with SSL protection to encrypt transactions and verify website ownership. Furthermore, Payback Ltd often urges shoppers to refrain from entering their credit card information on websites that don’t comply with PCI/DSS (Payment Card Industry Security Standard Council/Data Security Standard). It is almost impossible to recover funds from such platforms.


Payback Ltd has text and video testimonials of fraud victims they have helped. Also, the company has a 4.4 rating on Trustpilot.

Payback testimonials

How To Reach Payback Ltd 

Payback offers prompt and professional customer service. You can easily reach out to a customer service representative through the chat button on their website or fill out the contact form.

If you open the website for an extended period, a chat agent will initiate a chat with you and ask how they can assist you. Alternatively, you can contact Payback via email or their phone lines which are available on its website.

Payback customer support


Once the claims analyst has assessed the claim, the victim must pay a processing fee, which varies based on the case’s complexity. If the case is resolved successfully, the client will be charged a success fee equivalent to 10% of the recovered money.

Recovery Process

After the client agrees to continue with the case and pays the fees, Payback Ltd will pass the case to one of its skilled recovery agents. The agent will collaborate with the victim to build the case.

During this phase, the victim will release details about their communications or transactions with the fraudulent broker or scammer. Some details include email exchanges, text messages, recorded phone calls, bank statements, contracts, and other relevant information.


Payback Ltd is a verified business registered in Israel. Its pricing formula is flexible. Besides, they offer a free consultation. Also, the team comprises skilled professionals with extensive experience in international banking laws and the scam industry. With an international client base, Payback Ltd has carved out a name for itself in the money recovery industry thanks to its reliability and expertise.

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