Traders and Investors should Invest in XRP and HBAR, Says Crypto Analyst

According to the famous trader and crypto analyst, Credible Crypto, there are two definite altcoins that are extremely valuable and, specifically in the future, would prove to be a great investment. These cryptocurrencies are about to end their accumulation phase, and before you know it, their prices will be surging like a linear rocket treading into space. These two altcoins are XRP and HBAR (Hedera Hashgraph’s native asset); these two altcoins are about to make a move towards topping off their price in the next crypto run. The pseudonymous analyst has taken the matter to Twitter and has shared the news with his 232K followers, give or take.

XRP is in a serious lawsuit with the SEC, and despite the longevity of the case and the time it has been running to reach an impending decision, it seems that XRP is going to win over SEC as it has basically cornered the SEC according to the recent developments on the case. He has mentioned within his tweet that time is of the essence, and if people don’t want to miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity as many did with Bitcoin, then they should be filling their bags full with these two right now.

Altcoin Market Turns Green

This might be a tempting notion coming from such a renowned analyst, but could it be a possible disaster where people fill up on these two specific altcoins, and their price simply drops until both or one of them announce bankruptcy? Well, it can’t ever be said for sure, but in most cases, this is the inevitable turnout of the event, but then again, it is the crypto market we are talking about; it thrives on volatility and uncertainty.

Currently, the on-chain data seems to be backing these two coins, and that is why a suggestion has been made by a reputed analyst, what does the future hold? No one has even the faintest idea. XRP is trading at $1.29, which is an incredible 9% increase over the week and about a 76% increase in the past month or so. Overall it is looking great for both coins, but whoever is going to invest in these should not forget to cross their fingers.

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