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PaytechNo OU Review (CryptoPayTech) – Everything you Need to Know about The Exchange

PaytechNo OU Review (CryptoPayTech)

PaytechNo OU logoCryptocurrencies have become the buzzword in the financial industry in the last few years. When the first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, was introduced in 2009, many didn’t believe it would last for long. But, not only has it beaten all expectations, but has become a force to be reckoned with.

It is not surprising that more and more people are rushing towards this market in order to enjoy the profits it is delivering. Of course, in order to buy and sell cryptocurrencies, you need a cryptocurrency exchange and this is where you will find this PaytechNo OU ( review helpful.

It is one of the cryptocurrency exchanges offering its services in the market and is operating out of Tallinn, Estonia. The first thing you will notice about the company is that PaytechNo OU is registered with the Financial Intelligence Unit in the country, which adds a reassuring layer to its name. Nonetheless, you need to know a lot more about an exchange before signing up and this is what you can do through this review. Read on to find out:

PaytechNo OU home pageSecurity

Perhaps, one of the biggest factors that you need to be aware of when choosing a cryptocurrency exchange is their security. This is an area where PaytechNo OU has been very thorough. They are fully aware of the risks of operating online and have taken steps to mitigate them. They use SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology and encryption for protecting all sensitive and confidential data of their clients and keep it away from prying eyes.

In addition, they are also compliant with the KYC (Know-Your-Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) policies, which reduces the risk of identity theft, financial fraud and money laundering. The funds you deposit with PaytechNo OU are kept safe through the use of segregated customer accounts, which means that they are deposited in separate accounts and not mixed with the company’s funds.
PaytechNo OU securityPayment Methods

It is important to know what payment methods are provided to you by the cryptocurrency exchange because you want to be able to make payments as easily and quickly as possible. Unfortunately, not all exchanges will facilitate you in this regard, but you will not have a problem with PaytechNo OU in the case of payments. Their goal is to accommodate their clients as much as possible, so they have added several payment methods for their clients to choose from. You can use wire transfers for adding and withdrawing payments, or you can go with debit and credit cards, both Visa and MasterCard, for this purpose.


In order to use the services of any cryptocurrency exchange, you will be required to register with them. Thus, you need to check if they have any requirements that have to be fulfilled in order to open an account. You will not have to deal with any such step at PaytechNo OU and their registration process is very simple and quick. As a matter of fact, it barely takes you five minutes to complete it. There is only an online form on their website that you have to fill out.

You need to enter your email address, password and a mobile number. This should be a real number, as it will be used for authentication purposes. Next, you have to agree to PaytechNo OU’s Terms & Conditions and their Privacy Policy. The last step is to confirm that you are at least 18 and you will be registered right away. There is no approval process for you to have to go through, but you do need to provide documents for proof of identity and residence, in accordance with the AML and KYC rules, to be able to use your account.

Ending Thoughts

You will also be provided with 24/5 customer support by PaytechNo OU and they are quite transparent about their services and charges, thereby making it an excellent exchange for you to invest your money in cryptocurrencies.
PaytechNo OU customer support

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