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Elon Musk said Positive Things about Bitcoin in B-word Conference

There have been mentions of an online Bitcoin featuring an e-event that would last for a day and would be accompanied by key speakers such as Elon Musk and Jack Dorsey. This event was named The B Word, and it already aired on Wednesday. Basically, it was a Bitcoin-centered conference that lasted for a complete 10 hours. The very aim of the conference was to reinvent the approach that the financial sector has towards Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies and how they can be nurtured.

What specific approach should these so-called organizations use when it comes to embracing Bitcoin plus another feature of the conference was to raise awareness towards the technical aspects of the whole procedure? The reputation of Bitcoin has been hurt really badly by the print media and those who don’t see it as a potential candidate when it comes to changing the world’s financial system.

The very image of Bitcoin has been shredded into pieces over environmental concerns, Bitcoin being too shabby for reputable financial institutions and many more. The core purpose of the conference was to reinvent that very attention or thought of the viewer towards the real Bitcoin and the initial purpose behind the development and launch of the cryptocurrency.

The whole event was back and forth on the importance of Bitcoin and debunking of different myths that are developed around Bitcoin by various keynote speakers. But the main event of the conference was saved for last when Elon Musk, Jack Dorsey, and Cathie Wood came face to face to discuss their thoughts about the cryptocurrency by initially describing their primal interest in Bitcoin.

For Cathie, it was supporting the idea of economical innovation; for Musk, it was improving the quality of the information; and for Jack, it was about the replacement of the whole foundation of the financial systems of the present. Surprisingly enough, Musk had something positive and supportive to add for Bitcoin despite his past Tweets about the devastation Bitcoin mining is causing for the environment. Musk said that by reengineering and implementing the second layer, solution Bitcoin would be able to support a large number of transactions.

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