Crypto / Forex Broker Reviews Review – Is WorldStocks a Genuine Broker? Review

Choosing a good online broker is one of the conditions to start investing in the stock market. The broker is an essential partner for any trader to evolve in good conditions on the financial markets. Finding the best stock exchange broker online can seem like an easy task with an online stock exchange comparator. Unfortunately, they don’t always give you all the information you want.

To choose the online trading platform that suits you best, here are some steps and criteria to consider. In the past, an investor had to hire a broker to trade stocks. Nowadays, however, an online brokerage account can be used to invest in the stock market. Thanks to the Internet and an active trading platform, financial products can be traded in seconds. In addition, trading through an online stock broker has become more profitable thanks to lower online brokerage costs.

One of the first missions that a trader must carry out to start investing in the financial market is to find a broker. It is clear that not all brokers are created equal, and choosing the best stock broker is not always easy, despite the use of an online stock broker comparison. It is very important for the trader to find an active broker in line with his expectations. Indeed, the broker will be like a trading partner and the first point of contact in all circumstances.

You must ensure that your broker offers all the services you need and that he will always be by your side in your career as a stock trader. There are several key criteria to consider, and not all of them are always listed in broker comparisons. In this case, you have to get the information yourself on the broker’s stock exchange websites.

Before consulting an online broker comparator, you should know what you are looking for. You will not have the same criteria if you are looking for example an American equity broker or a Forex and CFD broker. Take the time to clarify what is most important to you with a broker. The answer will be slightly different depending on your investment objectives and the situation you find yourself in.

If you are just starting out in the financial market, you can prioritize training offers, content to learn trading, a complete glossary, easy access to customer service, and the possibility of speculating in demo before investing in real. If you already have some trading experience but want to go further, you may want more high-level resources focused on training and advice from professional traders and analysts.

A more experienced trader will rather prioritize advanced analysis capabilities, offers more suited to his trading style, and the possibility of investing in wider asset classes, such as broker US stocks or ETFs.The choice of your online stock broker must be linked to your current situation as a trader, and to your objectives.

Are you looking to set up a retirement fund and focus on low-risk investments, do you want to try day trading but don’t know where to start, do you want to be in control and personalize your own portfolio or are you willing to pay a professional to do it?

Depending on the path you want to follow, you will likely need to answer many more questions as you gain trading experience and refine your goals. Choosing the right broker depends on certain factors that concern you, including your investment horizon and the financial instruments that you wish to have in your portfolio.

The reputation of an online brokerage site can also make a difference in the final choice. Choosing a good online stock broker is not that simple in reality. Many beginners spend so much time, focusing on brokerage fees or spread levels. This is understandable but has the reflex to take a look at other criteria at the risk of being taken in reverse: presence or no additional costs, authorization to operate in most countries, customer service, financial products offered, support tools.

If you are looking to sign up with The WorldStocks investment brokerage platform, this review is for you. It is important that you carefully read through this review and ensure that this platform can effectively help you attain your investment goals.  

WorldStocks AT A GLANCE

Broker WorldStocks
Trading platform Web-based trader, IOS and Android trader
Account Tiers A single trading account
Assets coverage Forex, Stocks, Cryptocurrencies, and Commodities
Trading tools Over 20 analysis tools, and signals
Account Funding and Withdrawal Wire Bank Transfer,

Credit/Debit Card: MasterCard, SecureCode, and Visa card

Customer Service Available 24 hours a day, and five business days a week
Parent Company Kabahunt OU
Location Harju Maakond, Tallinn, Nomme Linnaosa, Rannaku Pst 12, 10917
Spreads Low Spreads

Introduction to trading Platform

WorldStocks is an investment brokerage platform managed by the Kabahunt OU Company located in Linnaosa. The trading platform is a notable exchange company.  It has more than two hundred (200) trading assets. trading Platform provides extensive asset data that ensures an unlimited trading experience to investors

 WorldStocks platform provides unique features such as premium customer care services, unlimited trading experience, advanced trading tools, education resources, and many more. The world Stocks investment platform covers the overall needs of investors. They assist clients in achieving success in the assets trade world. trading Platform works hard to provide a favorable trading experience to investors. Traders using this platform also enjoy a considerably low spread. Generally, the World stocks trading platform is an excellent platform for an average trader. They provide outstanding features to their clients as well.

Outstanding Features Of World Stocks

  • Diverse Trading Assets trading platform has over two hundred assets accessible on its platform. They cover several assets like commodities, cryptocurrencies, stocks, and forex. The forex market is a large market and the trading Platform provides several profitable forex trade assets that are popular among investors. In fact, there are over five trillion dollars of trade volumes in the forex market daily.

With these the Forex market is profitable. trading platform gives investors access to the large forex market as well as other numerous assets. It should be noted that forex market trading had the potential of transforming the financial status of an investor in a short while.

In addition, the trading Platform provides stocks of leading companies on their platform. Investors understand that in the stocks of famous companies can be very profitable in the long run. Stock trading helps growing companies increase in value, and as the value of the companies increases, the shares of investors increase as well.

Another large market available on the trading platform is the crypto asset market. In this present time, cryptocurrencies are getting even popular and valuable. This platform offers a cryptocurrency trading option on all trading accounts. They have a variety of cryptocurrencies available on their platform. Traders can go for less expensive options available on the trading platform.

Leading raw materials in the world are available as commodities on the trading platform. Commodities are very important as one of the major determinants of leading economies in the world. This goes to show the value of these commodities and their profitability. Commodities such as gold, silver, and crude oil are readily available for trading on the trading platform.

No doubt, the trading Platform provides an extensive asset database to users. This ensures an unlimited trading experience for investors. Traders can effectively select their investment portfolios based on their preferences.

  • Exclusive Trading Platforms trading platform has both a web-based Meta Trader 4 and Meta Trader 4 mobile trader platform available to users for smooth trading. The Meta Trader 4 platform is an intuitive trading platform that provides outstanding benefits to traders.  Let us briefly examine the unique features of the web-based Meta Trader 4 and Meta Trader 4 mobile trader platform.

The web-based Meta Trader 4

The web-based Meta Trader 4 makes it easy for investors who do not want to download or install the trading platform to easily access the website based trader for smooth trading experience. The web-based trader can be easily accessed on any internet-enabled web browser, such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, etc..

The Meta Trader 4 mobile trader

Luckily, the trading platform is also available for traders using mobile devices. The mobile trader is compatible with both Android operating systems and IOS. The mobile trader can be downloaded and accessed on mobile devices. This option ensures trader better access as their mobile trader is always available on their mobile devices. This ensures that they make full use of every trading opportunity available.

The multiple trading platforms possible for investors to track opportunities, monitor trades, and ensure progress. It provides an easy follow-up system for traders. With this, traders have 24/7 access to full trading activities. However, both the web-based Meta Trader 4 and Meta Trader 4 mobile trader platforms have been developed to give traders an interactive and user-friendly system.

  • Advanced Trading Tools investment brokerage Platform has over thirty indicators. These indicators traders from feasible market trends. These indicators predict future trends in the financial market.

This knowledge of future trends prepares investors for better trading decisions and actions. It helps traders to make better trade decisions by taking advantage of the foreknowledge of future patterns.

Furthermore, the technical analysis tools available on the trading Platform are more than twenty. These tools help to guide investors in making better trade actions. The function of the technical analysis tool is to inform the trader of the implications of their trade decisions following the prospective trend.

  • World-Class Security

With an insecure platform, your chance of making profits is slim. Security is a crucial factor to consider before choosing a platform. It is important to choose a platform that uses advanced security measures to ensure safety. Wise investors have to carry out serious background checks on the brokerage platform they intend to entrust their funds with. trading Platform complies with two security policies generally recognized in the world. These policies guide financial investments all over the world. One of these policies compels intending investors to provide certain personal documents to prevent false investors from gaining access to the platform. This policy is The Know Your Customer (KYC) Policy

The Know Your Customer (KYC) Policy confirms the identity of each intending investors before giving them access to the brokerage platform. trading Platform requests for reasonable person information of clients such as evidence of residence and proof of identity.

World stocks investment brokerage platform also enforces the Anti-Money Laundering (AML) policy. This policy is used to prevent illegal activities and fraudulent transactions on its platform.

In addition to these policies, this platform uses advanced encryption technology to protect the personal data of users available on their platform. The WorldStocks platform is a secure platform for asset trading.

  • Customer Care

The WorldStocks platform ensures prompt and consistent customer service to clients. They provide channels such as telephone and email for clients to contact the customer service representatives. The customer service representatives are knowledgeable and professional individuals skilled in communication and investment procedures.

The WorldStocks platform customer support provides round the clock services to clients on five business days. The customer support agents answers to the numerous questions of clients.

  • Considerably ow fees

No trader would like to give out their hard earned investments in high fees. The rates of commission is always a critical issue every trader has to consider before selecting a trading platform.

However, Worldstocks trading platform charges a considerably low fee for their trading services. This had made their platform stand out over the years. They have been recognized globally as an ideal platform for asset trading. World stocks trading platform charges much lesser than several other trading platforms.

  • Simplified Trading Account Process

The WorldStocks platform provides a straightforward procedure of opening account. The registration process is very simple and their user interface is intuitive.

To open an account with The WorldStocks platform, investors are only required to complete an application form and submit some required documents for endorsement. Immediately your account is approved, the next step is to make deposits and begin trading in the financial market.

  • Account Options

One of the necessities of an asset trader is a trading account. The selection of a trading account is not negotiable. However, a wise investor would carefully choose a trading account based on his level of experience and financial buoyancy. WorldStocks investment brokerage platform has five account options available to their users. This multiple account option is designed to enable traders select accounts that most suitable for their trading activities. It is important that traders select trading accounts based on their schedule and knowledge.

The available trading accounts are;

Essentials Account

The essential account is the first account option on WorldStocks investment brokerage platform. This account is perfect for traders that are new to the financial asset trading world. There are several facilities available on this account to suit the beginners. One of these facilities is the leverage option.

This option help traders to use even more capital than they have in their wallet. The leverage option can make your investments 50 times higher than your real invested money. The leverage size starts from 0.01 while spreads initiate from 3.0 pips. The minimum deposit for this account is  $250.

Micro Account

The micro account option is a bit more advanced than the essential account.  The leverage level is 1.75. This account help traders invest bigger to earn more. The minimum deposit for this account is  $1000.  The spreads are right and are positioned at 2.5 pips.

Standard Account

The standard account is a well known account option on worldstocks trading platform. This is because the features if this account makes it suitable for traders and investors. This account is specifically for traders with average knowledge and experience in the financial market. The minimum deposit for this account is  $5000. Another interesting feature of the Standard account is its leverage which is up to 1:100 while spreads are offered from 2.0 pips.

Another extra advantage of this account is the opportunity to access strading signals and advanced educational trainings. dedicated CSM and free VPS are also available with this account.

Premium Account

The premium account is for experienced investors. It also has unique facilities and features that make trading more profitable and easy. The capital for investing on this platform is higher than other accounts. Investors must be willing to deposit a minimum amount of $40,000 in order to open a premium account on worldstocks trading platform.

Other interesting features like morning brief, trading signal access, and the MT4 indicator are also available on this account.

Premium Pro

This account is for professional investors. It has more advanced features when compared to the premium account. The minimum deposit acceptable on the premium pro account is $200,000.

Several amazing features are accessible on this account.  Some of the features of Premium Pro include leverage up to 1:150, lot size from 0.01, spreads from 1.1 pips. Other outstanding benefits are  morning brief, trading signal access, MT4 indicator, dedicated CSM, free VPS, premium trading education, exclusive events, and quarterly analyst sessions. platform is ideal if you are a self-directed, experienced, and active trader who trades beyond general investment in stocks and long-term bonds. In addition, if you want to develop your capacity and expertise with derivatives such as advanced options strategies and Forex, this platform provides the tools to do so. platform appeals to all classes of investors because of the diverse assets available on their platform.

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