US and Russia amongst Top 3 Highly Affected Countries against Crypto Crimes

The world’s powerful nations such as the US and Russia are amongst the top three countries in the world whose exposure to crypto crimes is higher than any other and this has been duly addressed in a compiled report authored by an online security firm called “ESE”. While US is at number three in the most affected country but Russia is at the top.

ESET is an online intelligence firm which usually keeps a close eye on the criminal activities involving crypto. The intelligence firm has very recently compiled a report under the heading “Threat Report T2 2021” and made it public. The report covers the aspect in which it talks about countries which have previously and presently exposed massively against crypto crimes.

In the report, ESET has thoroughly looked at all sorts of crypto crime activities and based its report on such activities taking place worldwide. These illicit activities involved examination of crypto fraud, hacks and ransomware attacks. The report of ESET starts off by suggesting that it has been assumed in the crypto market that crypto crimes have been shrinking.

It may be right to some extent but the fact of the matter is that the criminals are targeting certain countries. So for some countries, they may have been witnessing great reduction in crypto criminal activities yet in some countries crime rate is alarming. For instance, the report ESET’s details that the most powerful nations of the world i.e. the US and Russia are top targets of crypto malicious actors.

ESET’s report lists the US at number three while Russia has been placed at number one spot where most of the crypto crimes are taking place. For instance in the US, recently there had been several ransomware attacks which victimized corporate entities. Resultantly, in most of the attacks, the corporate entities have had to accept the demands of the attackers and paid ransom monies.

However, in Russia, every sort of crypto criminal activity is on the loose. There are crypto pyramid schemes involving investment scams, malicious actors’ hideouts, crypto criminals’ safe-houses and hackers as well.

Currently, the law enforcement agencies in Russia are investigating a mega-million crypto scam namely “Finiko”.  The scam was relating to a crypto investment offering in which victims were mainly from Russia and Europe and Russia’s neighboring countries.

The report notes that the most increasing type of crypto criminal activity is that of pyramid schemes. This particular criminal activity can be found in almost every state where crypto is in use, claims the report. However, no other state in the world hasn’t been exposed to crypto activities than Russia.

Russia may have been named as top victim, yet it is currently the most active country working to prevent crypto crimes. Not only this but Russia has been successfully apprehending the malicious actors and will be putting them for trial.

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