Trippy Bunny NFT has Donated All of Its Mint Proceeds to Suicide Prevention Foundation

NFT firm based on Solana named Trippy Bunny has decided to donate nearly all of its profit from mint sales to the American Suicide Prevention Foundation.

Trippy Bunny revealed the donation on Suicide Prevention Day, which is a major worldwide event that focuses on the recognition of suicide prevention. This special day first came into consideration by the International Association of Suicide Prevention back in the year 2003. Currently, this association has assistance available from the WHO and the Global Federation for Mental Health.

Trippy Bunny mentioned in their announcement on Twitter that the total amount of donation funds had reached almost $220,88 in order to help reduce suicide cases. Trippy Bunny also provided a link to the complete Etherscan, which contains details of transactions. Trippy Bunny had minted more than 1100 NFTs on the 10th of September, with every single one the NFT were worth about 1.11 in SOL. As for updated pricing, SOL is currently worth near to $189.

The Giving Block, a crypto-based donation company, was the one who worked with Trippy Bunny in order to help with the total GUSD collected for the American Suicide Prevention Foundation, transferring out almost $221,000. The Giving Block has been operating for quite a while now, working hard to improve on donations provided by the blockchain sector. The latest drive from the company is the ‘Crypto Distribution Pledge’ that focuses on collecting donations from the top names in the industry, such as Ryan Selkis, Qiao Wang, Haseeb Qureshi, and many more.

United for Global Mental Health revealed quite disturbing information, stating that an estimate of 700,000 individuals globally is left with no choice but to take their own life each year, which is something that must seriously be looked on to. Another suicide research done back in 2019 revealed that one out of a hundred people that die around the globe are victims of suicide.

The crypto industry has shown a great deal of generosity, providing millions worth of funds to charity-based establishments. The Cancer Society of America also started to acquire cryptocurrency-based donations. An announcement from the Cancer Society mentioned that contributions to a new crypto cancer fund, made to acquire more funds, had crossed the million-dollar mark.

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