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TheWallet.Cloud Cryptocurrency Broker Review – Is TheWallet.Cloud a Fit Broker for New Traders?

TheWallet.Cloud Review

For someone who wants trade assets in the financial markets, the first step is to pick the best broker from the bunch. In the recent years, the number of brokers on the internet has increased significantly. You can find hundreds of brokers today and even if you narrow them down to the smallest possible list, you will have tens of brokers to pick one from. In this situation, it is best for you to read the reviews and know everything about the brokers in detail. Today, you will learn about TheWallet.Cloud, a new broker that has been considered one of the best in the recent years.

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Just like other brokers on the market, TheWallet.Cloud provides all the facilities and luxuries to the traders when they open an account with it. From giving traders access to an excellent trading platform to letting them make most of the money from their trades, TheWallet.Cloud has emerged as one of the best today. Despite that, a huge concern for most traders is whether or not TheWallet.Cloud is fit for new traders. One must understand that the requirements of a new trader are completely different from those of an experienced and expert trader. Let’s take a look at all that TheWallet.Cloud has to offer and see if it really is the best or one of the best brokers on the market for new traders.

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How Good Is the Trading Platform?

The first thing you want to know is how good the trading platform is. Once you have signed up with the broker, you will be spending all your time on the trading platform. First, you have to see which device you use the most. Are you a regular computer user or do you spend most of your time on a smartphone? Perhaps, you are someone who spends some time on a personal computer and then the rest of the time on a tablet and smartphone? Regardless of the category of users you belong to, the trading platform from TheWallet.Cloud works excellently on all the different devices.

In addition to being an excellent platform in terms of compatibility with different devices, you want to know if it works with different operating systems. There are millions of Android devices in the world. However, you cannot completely ignore the iPhone users as well. These devices use completely different operating systems but you will not have to worry about that because TheWallet.Cloud’s trading platform is compatible with both the operating systems as well. Once you are sure about the compatibility of the software, you have to see how good the trading experience is when you use the platform.

When you talk about trading experience, you first have to see how quickly you can complete your trades and how up-to-date the information is that you are seeing on your dashboard. Every second matters in the trading world and that’s why you want to receive only the latest information. If there are delays, you can be sure that the price of the asset you are looking at is not the latest price. You might be looking at the price chart that’s many minutes or even hours old. You will not know unless you have made a wrong trade and realized later that you did.

TheWallet.Cloud’s trading platform is one of the best you can expect from online brokers. It updates quickly and gives you near real-time price charts. You can also take advantage of the many trading tools that are integrated onto the software. That’s something you have to take seriously. You should know at the time of entering a trade that you are taking the right decision. That’s when the trading tools come in handy. They should be there on the platform and giving you real-time information about the trades.

Is the Broker New Trader Friendly?

Before answering this question, it is important to understand the meaning of new trader friendly. When exactly do you call something friendly for new traders? There are many factors to look at. The first thing you have to see is the number of assets that you can trade. There are lots of assets for you to trade once you have opened your account with TheWallet.Cloud. These assets belong to many asset classes and include commodities, indices, stocks, cryptocurrencies, and forex currencies. It is amazing that a broker like TheWallet.Cloud has come up with a platform that allows traders to trade in the cryptocurrency markets as well.

You could not have expected to be able to trade cryptocurrency CFDs just a few months ago. However, some of the best online brokers are now providing this opportunity to their traders. You can trade precious metals as well as soft commodities like coffee, corn, wheat, etc. There are lots of indices that come from some of the biggest financial markets of the world. In a similar fashion, you will see the stocks of some of the most well-known companies of the world when you come into the stocks category. In short, when it comes to the number of assets, there is no dearth of assets for the new traders to trade.

The second important factor you want to know look at is the money that you will have to spend for every trade that you complete. You have to keep in mind that the broker you are signing up with is going to make money in one way or another. It is also imperative for traders to understand that the more money the broker makes, the less money the trader will make. That’s because the profits are not as huge as you would expect them to be. They profits are already pretty small for the new traders, and when you deduct the amount you have to pay to the broker, your profits shrink even more.

The spreads are tight when you work with TheWallet.Cloud. The broker is proud to offer you some of the tightest spreads so you can benefit from your traders as a trader. There are no unnecessary commissions to bite into the profit you can make from your successful trades.

New traders also take interest in using leverage. When you have leverage, you can control big trades no matter how little money you have in your account. You must know at this point that you are bound to purchase some lots of the asset when you trade. You can trade micro and nano lots if you are a new trader. However, even these lots require you to purchase lots of units of the asset that you want to trade. The money that you have in your account might not be enough to purchase these assets. That’s where leverage comes in. You have ample leverage available for you from TheWallet.Cloud to control the trades that you would otherwise not touch.

As a new trader, you want as much guidance as you can get before entering any trades. It is not limited to the new traders only. In fact, even the old traders need some help with their trades so they are sure that they are entering profitable trades. TheWallet.Cloud gives every chance to the new traders to know as much as they can before completing their trades. They have access to valuable signals that guide them on whether to take a long position in a trade or short. The numbers of signals you can use as a trader depends on the account type you choose when signing up with the broker. You won’t believe that some brokers out there will not give you access to any signals at all when you sign up with a basic account.

One of the things that most other brokers have stopped doing these days is offering perks to the traders. Whether new or old, traders are always looking for ways to make the most of their online accounts with brokers, but it seems that many brokers are now focused on making their money. They don’t have any good promotions, discounts, and perks available for traders. On the other hand, TheWallet.Cloud is doing all that is in its access to bring the best bonuses to the traders. These bonuses are available to you when you sign up with the company and when you have started to trade actively.

You don’t necessarily have to trade with the broker for several years before you can take advantage of these bonuses. After you have enjoyed the welcome bonus from the broker, you just have to be active on its platform. When you are active, the broker starts to reward you in the form of loyalty points. These points are collected when you trade regularly on the platform. After you have collected enough points, they are transferred into your online account for you to use them for completing trades. As the time passes, you might see some more amazing promotions coming from this amazing broker.

Is Traders’ Information and Money Safe?

When you open an account with the broker, the first thing you have to do is put some money in your account. How much money you put in your account decides the type of account you will be given. Small deposits are for smaller accounts and large deposits are for large account. Some brokers do not really pay attention to the needs of the new traders and that’s why they have huge minimum deposit requirements. They require you to put a lot of money in the account right at the start and that’s what puts many traders off from trading. On the other hand, TheWallet.Cloud is there to make things easy for its traders. With a small deposit in your account, you have free access to the market to control trades and make profits.

However, small deposits are also paid from the hard-earned money. You don’t want someone to run away with this money. How can you be sure that the broker you have deposited the funds to is not going to disappear with them? You have to look at the licensing and regulation information about the broker to confirm that. A professional broker that cares about its traders and is serious with its traders will always have proper regulation and licensing in place. You have the pace of mind because TheWallet.Cloud operates fully legally with proper licensing and regulation. You know that the broker cannot do anything wrong with your money because there are authorities regulating its activities.

It is also important to notice here that you can use some of the safest methods of depositing your funds in the account. There are no unsafe methods used for payments. You can use the credit card option or the bank wire option. You have the choice to use the option that you think is the safest for you. It is not as though TheWallet.Cloud is forcing you to use only credit cards. And if you are not comfortable with either of these options, you can use the third e-payment option as well. There are many different companies that provide e-payment services. You can pick the one that you have been using for several months and years for the peace of your mind.

The next big thing you have to confirm is the safety of your information. When you sign up with an online company, you have to provide some personal information. The safety of your personal and confidential information is extremely important. You want to make sure that this information is going in safe hands and that the broker will not let unauthorized parties access it. TheWallet.Cloud takes advantage of the highest standards of encryption to ensure that all the information you provide is safe and secure. There is no way for someone to access your information when there is 256-bit encryption saving your information.

You should avoid any brokers that do not have such encryption in place. You can browse on the website of the broker to know if it has encryption or not. If you don’t find the information on the website, you can call the company and inquire about the safety of your information.

Can New Traders Learn Trading?

Are you so new to trading that you want to learn about it before you enter the real market? If you are thinking about learning this art, you are taking the right step. It is important that you know everything about trading before you put your money on the line. As straightforward as it seems, trading can be quite tricky. While it all about prices going up and down, the financial markets can be quite difficult to judge. This is why the old traders have not one but many different trading tools to get help about their trades and make sure that they are taking the right position.

You are going to love TheWallet.Cloud for the amount of training it has made available for its traders. Once again, the broker has made sure that it caters to the needs of the new traders in addition to old traders. Yes, there is some useful material available for old traders as well such as advanced courses that discuss advanced strategies for executing profitable trades. However, the basic training material is going to be a great help for you too. It talks about the basics of trading and then enters into the methods of how you can minimize the risks.

It is important to understand here that you should not be fully focused on making profits when you have just started trading. The first thing that you have to learn is how to minimize your risks. You might think that the best traders in the world make the biggest profits, but that’s not the case. In fact, these traders are really good at minimizing their risks. They have many ways to take care of the risk of loss before they enter into a trade. One of the ways for them is to diversify their portfolio. On the one hand, they will trade an asset that is volatile. On the other hand, they will trade an asset that’s not so volatile

In addition to that, they will also take multiple positions on the same asset to minimize their risks. However, these details are best suited for traders who have been trading for a long time. When you just a starter, you learn about trading, the many terms used in the industry, and the basic ways of minimizing your risks. If you don’t know, there is thing called stop loss. This particular tool has proven to be greatly useful for new and old traders to avoid exponential losses.

What’s amazing about the training from TheWallet.Cloud is the fact that you can decide how you want to be trained. First, you can take advantage of the e-books that talk about trading, losses, risks, and various strategies of making profitable trades. These are detailed books and need some time for you to read them all. If you don’t have that much time, you would want to go with the video option. These videos contain various tutorials on the same topics that are discussed in the books. The biggest advantage of learning through videos is that you learn more thoroughly and more quickly.

The option of webinar is also present. Webinars are live seminars but conducted on the web. These are experts of the industry that are talking about various trade-related topics for helping the new and old traders. You will notice that there is more help in their content for the new traders. Your learning through webinars is much more effective than learning through ebooks and recorded videos. Webinars are live and everything the experts tell you come with real examples as well. Not to mention, you can always ask as many questions as you can from these experts when attending the webinars.

Is Customer Support Satisfactory?

 At this point, you know a lot about TheWallet.Cloud and how it cares about its traders. It is clear from the information above that this broker has put in a lot of efforts to bring only the best to its customers. From simple account opening procedure to an excellent experience of trading, everything is great for new traders when they sign up with TheWallet.Cloud. However, the most important thing for you as a trader is customer support. Everything sounds great when you are signing up with the company and when you are depositing funds in your account. But what happens when there is a problem?

Will the company respond to you as soon as you have a problem and you get in touch? What ways do you have available to get in touch with the company and have your issues resolved instantly? With TheWallet.Cloud, the first option you have available is that of the live chat. Go on the website and you will find a chat window on the website. Type in your query and you will have a representative answer your question as soon as possible. In addition to that, there is a contact us form on the website that works just like an email. You can even use an email to send in your queries.

The most important option for any customer in the world is to be able to call the company when there is a problem. Some brokers do not give you this option and their excuse is that they have clients from around the world and they can’t handle all the calls at the same time. It is like a broker accepting its defeat in providing great customer service. When you sign up with TheWallet.Cloud, you have a phone number where you can call and get your questions answered instantly.

Final Thoughts

It won’t be wrong to say after all this information that TheWallet.Cloud is definitely geared towards new traders. It is a platform that makes it easy for new traders to start their trading career. Additionally, it gives them access to all the features e.g. leverage, signals, tight spreads, etc. that make trading a breeze for them and give them a chance to make profitable trades. If you want to start trading or you have someone who is considering this as a career option, you can safely tell them about TheWallet.Cloud.

Crypto Comeback Pro

Crypto Comeback Pro Review #1 Best Trading Software


83% Declared Win Rate

$250 Min Deposit

Accepts Credit Card

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