These Altcoins Might Rule Q3 2021

At the moment, most digital coins will have to accumulate enough momentum for a bullish move. However, early preparations are vital if you are an investor. Here are the top alternative crypto instruments to watch in Q3 2021.


At the moment, Cardano’s ADA looks to stabilize from the May to June turmoil. The altcoin had its value ranging from $1.4000 to $1.0200 over last week. For now, market players can confirm the $1.4000 resistance area and the $1.0200 support zone.Meanwhile, the Feb 15 to June 21 trend-line seems to indicate an intact uptrend for ADA. At the moment, you can expect the coin to move sideways while concentrating on the crucial resistance at $1.4000. If the asset manages to break the resistance zone and trade over it, the ADA market will experience increased volume. An extended uptick will then follow.

Ontology Network

Firstly, Ontology Network (ONT) slide to close beneath the support at $0.8000 on June 21. That happened as BTC saw southward movements that caused other assets to lose value. ONT looks like a promising project by dedicated individuals who positioned themselves as experts in the DeFi environment. Keep in mind that this is a low cap coin, its market cap hovering around $635 million. At the moment, market players will focus on the $0.80000 crucial resistance level. However, the coin’s value might shrink temporarily in the trading sessions to come as the asset prepares to break the resistance for an extended bullish outlook.


Jed McCaleb launched stellar, a payment protocol based on blockchain technology, in 2014. The crypto asset has been performing to its best recently, with record-breaking developments and updates. Stellar (XLM) showed positive sentiments after bouncing off the significant support at $0.2200. While writing this, the asset’s value looks to range-bound between the support and $0.3500. That is a good indication for now. In the trading sessions to come, XLM might develop a neutral price shape. If the coin manages to maintain its range, it will have chances to break the resistance at $0.3500 and regain an increasing trend. The only issue is that no one knows when the anticipated moves will come into play. If you plan to invest, beware of the risks.

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