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Terra’s Web3 Development Will Be Solidified And Accelerated With the LongHashX Accelerator

Terraform Labs and Longhash Ventures have formed a crucial Decentralized Finance and Web3 collaboration. A specialized catalyst for Web3 growth on Terra’s blockchain network would be created through collaborative efforts. Additionally, selected projects would obtain critical assistance in several phases of their construction process.

Terra’s Expansion Draws Attention

The Terra environment has had a particularly active year last year and early this year. In DeFi, the system has achieved remarkable traction, with its TVL already exceeding $30B. Furthermore, a developer community focusing on Web3 initiatives employing Terra’s architecture is developing. The system is interoperable with inter-blockchain communication protocols, allowing for a Decentralized Finance and Web3 multi-chain environment.

Longhash Ventures acknowledges Terra’s current situation. Support and incubation are becoming increasingly important as more projects are built on this new technology. Longhash Ventures announces the Terra cohort of the LonghashX Accelerator in collaboration with Terraform Labs. The first class would feature ten projects that would undergo a 12-week Bootcamp to help them reach their full potential.

The Terra blockchain is well-suited to the development of Web3 projects in various industries. Decentralized banking, blockchain gaming, non-fungible tokens, GameFi, and other examples are only a few. These ideas necessitate a network with outstanding results and affordable charges, which ETH and many other rival blockchains currently lack.

Longhash Ventures’ choice to publicly endorse Terra is noteworthy. ALGO, DOT, FIL, and several other top platforms have formed crucial collaborations with its crew. LongHash Ventures also has a strong history of accelerating and making an investment in top Web3 protocols and various blockchain systems, rendering it an excellent Terraform Labs collaborator.

Terra Cohort of the LongHashX Accelerator

People who work on Terra projects can get help from the LongHashX Accelerator, which will help them think about Web3-native issues in a new way. In addition, the accelerator would open the door to LongHash Ventures’ platform of investors and entrepreneurs, which will benefit the startups. Furthermore, each project that joins the initiative can get about $500K in financing, offering strong encouragement to use the network’s gains.

Founder Emma Cui, a partner at LongHash Ventures, said the accelerator initiative would significantly expand this year, and Terra is a perfect fit to run the next batch. We’ve been amazed by the Terra community’s policies and progress, and we’re looking forward to expanding our accelerator collaboration approach alongside one of the world’s top Web3 environments. We will be able to enhance and make investments in the coming phase of Terra-based initiatives due to our relationship.

During the LongHashX Terra Cohort in June this year, a group of people will be able to learn how to make money. Every person who works on a project gets help and advice on improving the initiative’s tokenomics, layout, governance, and several other essential parts of the project. Additionally, there’ll be a demonstration day, seminars, fireside chats, and problem-solving seminars where businesses can present their ideas to a panel of investors.

It’s important to mention that LongHashX is Asia’s initial Web3 accelerator. Furthermore, it embodies LongHash Ventures’ goal, which is among the few companies today to conduct its accelerator workshop. The Terra cohort enables developers to pursue daring concepts by providing exposure to leading tools and mentorship, bolstering Terra’s presence in the wider blockchain environment.


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