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Ripple Intends To Include Ethereum Smart Contracts Into The XRP Ledger

With the launch of the XRP Ledger chain’s testing phase, it’s feasible that Ripple users could soon have the ability to relate with Ethereum DApps.

Peersyst Technologies Announce a New Blockchain

With a Tweet on October 17, Peersyst Technologies—a corporation specializing in developing blockchain technology—announced the chain launch. The company, moreover, claimed that the developed implementation is compatible with EVM.

It means that users of Ripple may soon be able to utilize decentralized apps similar to Uniswap and Web3 accounts. Like XUMM Wallet and Metamask shortly.

A cross-chain gateway was developed to move XRP with several other assets across blockchain networks that support the EVM. In addition, the XRP Framework Devnet is part of the updated sidechain.

A ripple developer called Mayukha Vadari commented on the release, saying, “Programmers do not have to select between EVM-compatible or XRPL blockchains.” He claims that XRPL’s fast and cheap transactions would also be made available to developers. A blockchain network written in Solidity may be deployed on the system.

The custom implementation of the XRP-based sidechain compatible with EVMs was made possible by the Tendermint system. A thousand transactions may be processed in a single second (TPS).

Tomorrow, a guide for the whole #XRPLcommunity will be released. For them to create their own $XRP MetaMask accounts and test out the #EVMsidechain.

On October 17, 2022, Peersyst Technology tweeted the following:

Vadari said that the initial step of the EVM blockchain technology is available to test on the XRPL Platform. This stage is now available for play. The EVM-compatible chain will transfer to a “permissionless” network with better scalability in phase two.

If Vadari is to be believed, the second-stage goal will be made public in the first half of 2023. The goal is to achieve transaction confirmation speeds competitive with the XRP Blockchain. The next step, he claimed, will include making a permissionless EVM chain and gateway accessible on the XRPL network.

The Cost Of Ripple Rise

Ripple’s currency is now at $0.475, up 23.85% from the beginning of the month. And the news doesn’t have much of an effect on the market.

In the almost two years following this most recent admission, the United States has been involved in legal action against Ripple. The Securities Exchange Council (SEC) may have affected the development and expansion of global settlement systems.

Ripple’s progress in the CBDC sector has been steady since March 2021, when it launched its first CBDC Personal Ledger for financial institutions. The most recent partnership was established in September 2022 with The Imperial Financial Authority of Bhutan. With regards to CBDC, Ripple also maintained its forward momentum.

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