Ontario Securities Commission Sues Poloniex for Violating the Securities’ Laws

The Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) has disclosed that Poloniex crypto exchange has been remained unable to abide by the securities laws and sued it for not discussing the regulatory compliance as it was advised earlier. Moreover, OSC is going to hold the hearing for this particular matter in the coming month on the 18th of June, 2021. On the 25th of May, 2021 Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) of Canada issued a note with the content that a crypto-asset exchange named Poloniex has transgressed the securities laws along with few other violations as the exchange couldn’t abide by the policies proposed by the national securities laws. So, yesterday on the 25th of May, the OSC officials have alleged the aforementioned crypto exchange to appear and justify their stance on 18th of June 2021.

Poloniex and OSC Compliance

It is reported that Poloniex was earlier informed to contact and negotiate with Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) during the last month on 19th April, but Poloniex didn’t do so and went against the laws. On the earlier call, Poloniex didn’t either meet or comply with the OSC securities laws, which led OSC to file a case against the exchange.

Keeping this stance in view, OSC prefers to ensure that crypto exchanges must abide by the state laws and alleged Poloniex and held that accountable for disobeying the laws of Ontario Securities. On Ontario’s call, more than 70 crypto firms contacted to negotiate the related and important matters except for Poloniex that pointed it out, which went against the proposed law.

In North America, regulators have been narrowing down the crypto assets and concerned institutions which remain unable to go along the securities laws. The same course is being adopted by US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to null out the exchanges which do not comply with the laws, and in this regard, Ontario is also concerned about the security of the assets of the citizens.

Officials Securitizing the Crypto Market

Right now, the crypto market is showing fluctuation and volatile nature for the last couple of weeks, and due to such circumstances, regulators, officials, and customers have become very cautious and warier regarding regulating the laws and protection of investors’ digital assets.

Moreover, recently it was also disclosed that the white house is also going to monitor the crypto market and its broader implications, and the Biden administration briefed the concerned treasury departments to look into the matter and predicted that in the coming time, various agencies and crypto market will collaborate for mutual concerns and will work together.

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