Official Twitter Account of Shiba Inu has Posted a Mysterious Hashtag

The Shiba Inu community has one of the most active social media presences among other cryptocurrencies. Yesterday, the SHIB token community was celebrating the accomplishment of hosting one million unique digital wallet addresses on the platform. It is worth noting that the meme coin has recently halved in price.

Today, the official SHIB account has posted a brief new tweet with a unique hashtag without offering any explanation. The tweet in question started with an egg emoji and mentioned a hashtag called friendshib. Without knowing the meaning behind the new term, the SHIB community has rushed to the social media platform to speculate the matter.

In addition to the official Twitter account of the Shiba Inu token, the new hashtag carrying a lot of mystery was also repeated by Shytoshi Kusama, who is the lead developer on the Shiba Inu token. Both tweets have gone viral on the social media platform and created a massive user engagement.

According to reports, both tweets have amassed more than 15K likes each and hosted thousands of comments. The popular opinion dictates that the SHIB developers are pointing towards a partnership with the electronic giant corporation called Newegg. However, no official announcement has been made public thus far.

Mysterious Video Teaser

The Shiba Inu Twitter account has recently posted a new video spanning 16 seconds as a teaser for what the future holds. The video shows a series of bulbs going on and off in the formation of something that starts with W and ends with V. The video claimed that further information on the matter would be posted on Thursday.

On Thursday, lead SHIB developer Shytoshi Kusama posted a new blog talking about the Shiba Inu Gaming venture and reported that a new consultant would soon join the team to work on the project. Most SHIB investors claim that it could be William Volk, who is the former VP at Activision games. The fact that Shytoshi follows Volk on Twitter adds more weight to the idea.

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