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New Survey Reveals Majority Of Investors In UK Purchased More Cryptocurrencies Than Shares In 2020

The latest survey opines that UK investors are becoming more eager for cryptocurrencies than investments based on shares and traditional stocks.

Aj Bell, a UK investment company, mentioned in a survey that more than 7% of the adult British respondents disclosed that the crypto had been purchased by them in the recent year in comparison with the 5% of people who invested in the individual saving accounts (ISAs) and stocks. The ISAs and stocks are the types of saving accounts that allow the consumers to invest, eliminating any tax surcharge over the amount being invested, such as capital gains or income.

Findoutnow, an online market research tracker, conducted the survey and included 1,269 respondents. Laith Khalaf, an analyst of finance, reacted to the results that the common perceptions were overturned by the findings of the study. He stated that one has to acknowledge the crypto consciousness of the world at a time when a large number of investors are purchasing cryptocurrency than those investing in the traditional ISAs or the stock market.

The study found out that the investors of cryptocurrency are mostly male, and their aging less than 35. The percentage shows that 71% of the people claiming the purchase of crypto confirmed to have earned a profit, whereas 12% of the respondents claimed that their crypto investments went in a loss.

The research done by Parliament Street, a think tank from the UK, is in direct contrast with this survey. This research was made in March and disclosed that 52% of the sum of 2,000 selected people for the study mentioned that they have the intentions to invest in the traditional assets and the stock market, including goods like gold rather than in crypto. A third of the whole recipients expressed that there will be no investment done in the cryptocurrency on their behalf as they assume to have already missed that chance.

ThisisMoney, a finance outlet belonging to the UK, shared that the analyst of Aj Bell has brought out the latest research which expressed the understanding and confidence of younger people is more than the others, but he remained doubtful about them. It seems that some of the customers are delving deep into cryptocurrencies before trading with them.

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