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Marketspots Review – Maximize your Trading Activities

Marketspots Review

For decades, people have been trading in the financial markets and making their fortunes. Yes, there was a time when it wasn’t that simple, but times have changed significantly. With online trading, everyone has the opportunity to dip their toes in this space and accumulate some wealth. There is only stepping stone that you have to deal with and that’s finding a reliable broker. Of course, all that exist in the market will claim to be the right one. But, are they? No, there have been scams in the market and shady companies are also operating, which means you need to steer clear of those.

So, how do you make your decision? This is when you understand the importance of doing some research and finding the ins and outs of a broker before signing up. You need to do the same in the case of Marketspots, a FX and CFD platform that’s offering its services to retail and institutional traders. If you want to make the right decision, this Marketspots review can be incredibly helpful:

Explore the Instruments

It would be foolish for anyone to choose a broker without knowing the instruments they are offering. What if they specialize in a particular market and don’t offer the one you want? What is their options don’t offer the high returns you envision? There are hundreds of markets out there and each has their own instruments. You will discover that the 1,000 plus instruments on Marketspots belong to some of the world’s renowned financial markets.

As a matter of fact, the leading instruments from each market have been added by Marketspots for giving its clients the ability to maximize the returns from their trading activities. You can trade from an array of major and minor currency pairs, invest in stock CFDs, leading indices and different commodities. They have also added cryptocurrencies to the list, considering their immense popularity and high rate of return.

View the Accounts

One area that Marketspots has really excelled at is their account offerings. If you have checked a couple of brokers, then you know that most offer several accounts to their clients. However, when you check out the options available here, you will notice the difference. Where most platforms have a handful of choices, you will find five different accounts to choose from and each adds some new perks and features for traders to motivate them to upgrade.

The five account options that can be found at Marketspots are Standard, Silver, Gold, VIP and PRO. The minimum deposit starts with $10,000 for the first account and goes as high as $1,000,000 for the PRO account. The leverage available is between 1:200 and 1:400 and margin loan starts at 25% and goes as high as 100%. As for the other features, you can get an account manager, daily news, market reviews, account monitoring, one-on-one sessions with analysts, trading webinars and even a Trading Academy. There is in-depth research, wealth manager, portfolio manager, trading signals, discount on commission and invitation to VIP events.

Go over the Security

Since you will be depositing your hard-earned money with the broker and sharing a great deal of your sensitive and personal data, you do need to be worried about the security you will be provided. The robust security measures implemented by Marketspots will leave anyone impressed because they seem to have done a thorough job in creating a safe environment. They keep segregated bank accounts for their clients with the best banks for maximum security.

The data is protected with the use of Secure Socket Layer technology and the encryption they use is what leading financial institutions use for protecting their clients. In addition, Marketspots is also compliant with AML (Anti-Money Laundering) and KYC (Know-Your-Customer) policies. These require proof of ID and address from traders to verify their accounts.


With the strong customer support, extensive educational resources, quick registration and efficient payment solutions, Marketspots allows you to maximize your trading activities effectively.

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