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Market Analyst Predicts Bitcoin Bullish Run using Stock-to-Flow Model

Lex Moskovski is the founder of Moskovski Capital and serves as the director of investment at the firm. Recently he made a bull market prediction for Bitcoin using the Stock to Flow indicator, or S2F. The Stock to Flow model was first created by a Twitter crypto analyst PlanB. Since then, it has been used by market analysts and investors to predict the price movement for Bitcoin successfully.

S2F can be described as the relation between the current stock and production for a particular asset class. According to Moskovski, the latest readings from the S2F model for Bitcoin indicate a great purchase opportunity approaching for Bitcoin investors. According to him, the current shift will go down in history as the biggest impact maker in 12 years of Bitcoin lifespan.

Lex Moskovski is Considered an Important Figure in the Crypto Community

Moskovski is considered a wizard for investment opportunities in the crypto community. He has seven years of experience under his belt and has provided his services as the CEO, Chairperson, Board member, and Consultant at different financial organizations with great success. He has around 3.2 thousand followers on Twitter.

Talking about the future of the Bitcoin market, he explained that the approaching positive signal is going to dwarf all previous trends in Bitcoin antiquity. The financial guru was able to notice that the investors were selling their Bitcoins for a loss when the price value dropped below $40,000. He also pointed out that around 23,000 Bitcoin was transferred to exchange exchanges as investors were offloading.

Ever since the Stock to Flow index has been introduced, it has managed to indicate the price movement for Bitcoin quite precisely. Inherently it is an index that is not borrowed from the stock market but rather generated for the Bitcoin market, specifically.

According to Moskovski, the investors who believe in this model will soon hear some great news as the signal for a great buying season might arrive soon. He also emphasized that unfavorable S2F discrepancy is going to make the biggest splash to date. The weekly trading mark for BTC stands at 59%, which is considered a new record. This is also another reason that investors like Moskovski are preparing for a great Bitcoin shopping spree.

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