Manchester City Suspends Partnership with Suspicious Crypto Startup

Manchester City is a premier English Soccer Club that is considered to be one of the top teams in the world. Recently, the sports club decided to sign up for a partnership with a cryptocurrency project called the 3KEY technologies. Considering the increasing popularity of cryptocurrencies in recent years, there are many athletes and cryptocurrency enthusiasts who have started to explore the space.

Therefore, the partnership is nothing to be surprised about. However, the Manchester Club management has recently made public that it has distanced itself from this partnership. According to an update posted on the official Twitter account of the soccer team, the finance department of the club has conducted their due diligence in the matter and has found some dire issues with this problem.

The suspicions and questions about the 3KEY cryptocurrency company started to make rounds on social media platforms as soon as the Manchester United team made the partnership announcement public. However, things turned pretty suspicious when a sports intelligence worker named Nick Harris posted on Twitter that he would want to meet with the founder of the organization.

Suspicious Firm does not have Online Presence

Harris also pointed out that the key person handling the deal named Ryan S. Hodder, does not have any sort of online presence whatsoever. On the other hand, the executive brass of the company named Oliver Chen, James B Russel, Jason Liu, and Jacob Caine are all nowhere to be found. It seems that no one knows about the origin or the credential of this company that has appeared out of thing year.

More suspicion arose from reading the contents of the official website of 3KEY. This platform advertises itself as a decentralized, centralized finance system or CDF. Expert analysis proof despite the presentation of the complex numbers and fancy ideas, there is no information about the origin or the official sponsors of the project.

The website also claims to offer the users 150% yearly returns on their investment and 100% customer satisfaction, which are all huge red flags. This is not the first time; a cryptocurrency scammer has targeted a professional sports club. FC Barcelona terminated its NFT contract with Ownix. The NFT marketplace was run under the supervision of an Israeli businessman named Moshe Hogeg. Hogeg was arrested by authorities on Nov 18th for fraud, theft, money laundering, and assault charges.

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