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Reviewing Gtlot – Is This the Next Level of Online Trading?

Gtlot Review

I never thought I would find an online broker as complete and comprehensive in its approach as Gtlot. In my experience of trading for five years, I have tested around eight different online brokers. More or less, they provide the same level of services. They might name their features differently, but the experience of trading with them was not much different. Yes, one broker would do one thing better than the other, but it was not big enough reason to sign up with them. Gtlot, on the other hand, gives you a variety of reasons to leave your current broker and sign up with it.

Let me talk about a few of its features that I think are next-level features in the world of online trading. This will give you an idea of the broker and help you make up your mind.

The Next Level of Trading with Gtlot

·         Web Based Trading

So, there are millions of traders who want to start a stream of income in addition to their regular jobs. These millions of users use different devices. Some has Android phones and while other are stuck in the iOS ecosystem. Some might even be willing to use the trading platform on their personal computers. In this particular scenario, online brokers have to respond to the situation by providing their traders with a trading platform that can run on all these different devices. It is easier said than done to create a software like this. However, Gtlot has done the job in a beautiful manner.

The broker has gone with the web-based trading software that you can use on any device without any issues. You don’t have to download the software in any way. You will open the trading platform on your device like you open a website. This will allow you to use the trading platform not only from any device of your choice, but from any part of the world. Compatibility issues are not even a problem when you are using the web-based trading platform from Gtlot.

·         Social Trading

Social trading is a new concept that many brokers have incorporated in their trading platforms. I think this is the most robust and innovative way of helping traders who are trading for the first time. When you start trading, you really need a mentor on your side to help you understand the dynamics of the markets. Almost every broker allows you to learn through its training material and even one-on-one training sessions. However, the problem with that approach is that a new trader forgets a lot of the stuff by the time the session is over. Can the trader get help on a permanent basis? That’s where social trading comes in.

This is not a feature that you will get from every online broker. With Gtlot, you can trade socially, which means you can pick a trader that you think is great and follow its strategies. You have the profiles and trading histories of all the traders available to you on your trading platform. You can pick the trader with the most successful trading strategies and rating. This way, you will increase the chances of successful trades.

·         Trade What You Prefer

Why stick to a particular asset when you can trade them all within the same amount of money that you have in your account? It is a thing of the past when you could trade only one asset or asset class from your trading platform. In the past, you had to use a trading platform to trade either forex, stocks, or indices. Today, things have changed completely. You can now trade just about any asset that your mind can imagine from the same trading platform, and brokers like Gtlot are making that possible in style. When you sign up with Gtlot, you will have access to a variety of assets and asset classes.

Not just that, you will have access to many financial markets from the same trading platform. Whether you are interested in trading forex currency pairs or stocks, you will get them all with Gtlot. The best thing is that you will be able to trade them in the form of CFDs, which means you don’t have to own them just to trade them. The best thing I like about Gtlot is that it has allowed some level of cryptocurrency trading as well. If you are a fan of the cryptocurrencies and want to step in the cryptocurrency market, you can do Bitcoin trading with Gtlot. You will always know that you are on a safe platform.

·         Proper Regulation

I cannot emphasize enough when it comes to talking about regulation. You have online brokers providing you with all sorts of trading indicators, tools, and facilities. However, if you see any of them not providing you with any information on regulation, you can just keep away. Regulation is the most important thing that a broker can do for its traders. Through regulation, the broker proves to you that it is in business seriously. When a broker is regulated, there is a regulatory authority that performs audits, monitoring, and regulation on all the financial activities that the broker performs.

When I was convinced about picking Gtlot as my broker, the last thing I had checked was information about regulation. So, is this broker regulated? The short and sweet answer is yes. If you look at the bottom of the website, you will find out that the broker is properly registered and regulated. Cypress Scurities and Exchange commission is the regulatory authority that regulates this broker.

Final Thoughts

There are many things that online brokers can do for you. The trick is to find the broker that is not just claiming to do those things but really doing them for its traders. I was convinced that I had found that broker when I signed up with Gtlot. To this day, I don’t have any complaints with the way this broker is operating. I perform flexible trading on a great trading platform using leverages that are not available with any other broker online.

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