ETC, WAVES, and UMA Gains with Double Digits

According to data by, Universal Market Access (UMA), Ethereum Classic (ETC), and Waves (WAVES) led the top-100 cryptocurrencies by market cap with double digits gains over the past 24 hours.

With the recent positivity, the overall crypto market value rose to $1.46 trillion following a 2.3% surge.

Waves led the alternative coins with 17% gains since yesterday. Also, ETC and UMA joined the ranks, both gaining by 15% during the same time.

Ethereum Classic seems to have a smooth ride since last week, trading at $61.25% after increasing its value by 37.93%.

ETC Announces Magneto

The ETC surges follow the “Magneto” upgrade announcement. According to Mantis developer Stevan Lohja, the update will include ETH’s Berlin upgrade functionalities, ETC wallet.

At the moment, Ethereum Classic trades at $60 after breaking above its trend line that lasted for a month. Before the current uptrends, the altcoin hit the $34.5 support. That followed recent massive selling pressure that overtook the market.

200 SMAs

ETC rallied to a weekly up of around $62 before the selling pressure came into play. The coin will require support at $54 and 200 SMA to avoid downtrends that might wipe some of its gains. Trading above $62 might push the asset to trade over $100 for a new bullish run.

Altcoins Gains

UMA is a platform based on a blockchain network that allows synthetic assets production. At the moment, the altcoin hovers at $10 after the past day’s gains.

Recently, DeFi network UMA declared partnering with Opium, a crypto derivative protocol, to offer insurance services to SpaceX flights.

WAVES crypto is among the top gains in the top-100 assets, trading at about $17 for now. WAVES is a digital platform based on a Blockchain network, allowing users to perform different activities, including smart contracts and DApps.

Developers founded Waves in 2016 June to improve performances on the blockchain network by encouraging user-friendliness, usefulness, and speed.

Keep in mind that WAVES price has surged over 1,000% since 2020.

Over the past day, BTC added 3.26% to trade at $36,017. The leading altcoin, ETH, gained 2.76, trading at $2,183 today.

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