Elon Musk Creates a Twitter Regulation Board Alongside His NFT Proposal

Musk announced his buyout on Friday, dismissing the leading executives and appointing a fresh “product regulation committee” to represent “various opinions” on the subject. Well until the committee meets, “no significant material rulings or user reinstatements can materialize,” he continued.

Despite this, consumers have still praised or decried Musk’s pledges to scale back moderation in an attempt to promote unrestricted speech. Whether that will influence the bitcoin sector is one unanswered issue.

Elon Musk’s Stance 

Elon has repeatedly stated that his main goal in acquiring Twitter is just to promote unfettered expression and transparent communication around the globe. This would be a fantastic development for the blockchain ecosystem, as Twitter has swiftly emerged as the center of creative tradition for the industry. Musk’s indulgence makes it possible for companies to keep using digital networking sites for growth.

Elon has suggested extending Twitter’s current financing alternatives to include bitcoin compatibility. The prospect that he should utilize revenues to transform the platform together into an “essential tool” that’s also “so appealing that you can’t survive without it” has already been hinted at, even though he has remained evasive about details.

Whilst it’s going on, Twitter appears to be concentrating on incorporating cryptocurrency accounts into its network, indicating that the media platform’s juggernaut is already creating mechanisms that support Musk’s aspirations. Elon has already stated that Twitter will soon accept Dogecoin transactions, though this news shouldn’t seem like a huge revelation.

The Billionaire’s Checklist

Musk’s checklist of goals also includes getting rid of spammers. These schemes that attempt to cheat bitcoin holders out of existing assets have proven well-known on Twitter. By forming an actual process to guide Twitter on strategies to battle malware identities using blockchain technology and virtual currency, crypto exchange Binance wants to help Elon with this objective.

Twitter announced on October 28 that it was going to collaborate with four platforms to enable consumers to immediately invest and exhibit NFTs using posts. This interface, dubbed as NFT Tweet Tiles, shows the NFT’s imagery in a patterned strip within such a post along with a reference to the associated product on the platform.

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