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Ellevest Review: Investing in Your Future With Ellevest – Investment Done Right for Women

Ellevest Review

If you have started to take the matter of investment seriously, you have found a direction in life. It is quite common for the young people to postpone their retirement planning until they reach a point where they have to do everything in haste. If you go on the internet and browse through the many financial companies that provide investment opportunities to people, you will find one thing in common: they are owned and run by men. In fact, most of the assumptions and examples they mention in their content to express the importance of retirement planning revolve around men.

There was no one representing women in particular until Ellevest stepped. This is the financial advisor and planner you needed in life if you are a woman. Ellevest is all about empowering women by giving them the retirement plans and financial management services that are suited specifically to them. Let’s explore the many reasons why women should pick Ellevest for their investments needs and retirement planning.

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Ellevest as a Financial Company

The first thing you will notice about this company is that it is meant for women. This company is owned by women, run by women, and aimed at providing the best retirement planning and investment opportunities to women. When you dive deep into your options for online brokers and investment management services, you get a gust of fresh air in the form of Ellevest. The company has been providing successful financial solutions to the women while also paying serious attention to their security. Any piece of information that you provide on the website is properly encrypted to prevent it from being hacked or stolen by unauthorized third parties.

The company is built around the idea that there should be retirement planning that has been designed with women in mind. Think about it, you are not paid the same as men when you are their age. At the same time, when you look at the lifespans, you find out that women outlive men in the US and in many countries of the world. How can a plan that has been designed with men in mind suit women? Ellevest considers all of these factors to come up with a solution that suits women. Let’s get further into the features provided by this financial advisor.

Why Invest with Ellevest

You Are a Woman

The first reason for you to pick Ellevest is that you are a woman. It is not to say that you should show some sort of gender bias in choosing your financial advisor. The real reason for picking this company is because it has designed its plans according to women. What you can get here, you can’t get with any other company. You have the liberty to decide how your investment account will work. If you like to control your finances and investments, you can go with an account that has been customized according to your needs. If you want to be on the safe side, you can just let Ellevest take over and perform all the trading for you.

You Can Pick an Account Type

With many online financial companies, you are often offered a cookie cutter solution where every type of investor is managed under the same account and features. You will not be facing that when you sign up with Ellevest. There are three different types of accounts for you to choose yours from. The first and the most basic account type requires you to deposit no minimum in the account. This is often the problem with many online brokers i.e. you have to make a huge minimum deposit that many women cannot afford. Here, you don’t have to deposit anything in your account to start it.

You also have a premium account if you want to take some risk in your investment career. You have to keep in mind that the amount of money you make from your investments depends on the size of risk you take. The bigger the risk you take the more money you will end up making. In the premium account, you have to deposit at least $50,000 in your account. When it comes to choosing the type of portfolio you want to choose, you can personalize it according to your requirements regardless of the type of account you have picked. The most expensive account is private wealth management.

In this account, you have the company working with you as a close partner. Ellevest will tell you everything about your finances and how you can manage them to make more money. The minimum balance you require for this account is $1,000,000. You have your personal advisor serving you when you open this type of account with the company. With these many options, you can pick an account that meets your specific requirements.

You Can Choose from Lots of Assets

There is no restriction on the type of asset that you want to invest your money on when you are with Ellevest. If you want to be an investor, no one should put any limits on how much you diversify your portfolio. When you open your account with Ellevest, you realize that you have a plenty of options available for investment. To be precise, there are 21 different asset classes for you to choose your favorite asset from. These assets can include but are not limited to real estate assets, US small cap value assets, bonds, etc. The best thing is that you can find some impact fund options in these assets as well.

This is where Ellevest makes things personalized for you because you are a woman. No matter which broker you sign up with or how big the financial advisor you have signed up with is, you will not get this feature with them. In the impact funds, you are able to invest in companies that are run by women. These are the companies that have women in their top positions. More importantly, these companies are playing an important role in promoting women to be in the leading position. In addition to that, these companies are helping women in many other ways. For example, they might giving money to charities that work for women in specific.

This is a feature that you can safely say is exclusive to Ellevest. You will not find this kind of attention and value anywhere with any other broker.

You Pay Smaller Fees and Commissions

The problem with commissions is that when they are big, they take a toll on the profits you make from your trades. You have to see how your company charges the commission from you. Some companies will charge the commission based on the number of trades you do whereas others have the commission on the size of your contract. Not to mention, when you join hands with companies like Ellevest, you are also getting financial advisory services. There is a fee for that service as well. You just have to make sure that you are not paying something that you cannot afford. Ellevest ensures that your fees are low and that’s why the commission on your portfolio can be as low as 0.10%

You Get the Best Advice and Coaching

Investment means you have to create wealth from the wealth you already have. This activity might sound simple but it involves the complexities that take time for you to wrap your head around. When it comes to financial and retirement planning, you have to change a lot about how you manage your finances presently. Whether you have a 401k or an IRA, or perhaps you want to transition from one type of account to another type, you have to have the financial advisors to give you the best advice on how to do it all. Ellevest is there to assist you with your financial matters once you have signed up with the company. This advice comes from women who have been in the position that you are in right now.

You Are Assisted Properly

No matter how much the company tries to make things perfect, there comes a time when you have to contact the company for some reason. It could be an issue with your online portal or perhaps you want to understand something about a particular type of investment. In either case, you need to have someone to help you with your concern. With Ellevest, you can contact the company through an email address. You also have a phone number on the website that you can call to get answers to your questions. You will be helped by knowledgeable professionals on the phone.

Final Thoughts

There are many online financial companies that can provide you with financial advisory and retirement planning services. However, you will not find any other company that is as dedicated to assisting women with their retirement planning as Ellevest. Pick the account type that you think is easiest for you to manage and get your money invested in the most intelligently picked securities from the financial markets. While investing with Ellevest, you will always have the confidence that the people helping you understand your specific issues.

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