Edward Snowden Warns Investors about Crypto Token “Worldcoin”

Edward Snowden is the most popular whistleblower there is as he has been working for several years now, bringing into light conspiracies and government-level glitches such as the National Security Agency surveillance program and exploiting the harm that they do. This time Snowden has come forward with a bit of news regarding a new cryptocurrency known as Worldcoin. This crypto was co-founded by Sam Altman, who is the CEO of OpenAI. The very motive of this cryptocurrency is to scan people’s eyes to be able to open an account and trade with this cryptocurrency.

Not only do they scan the eyes of the users, but they also upload the whole thing into a separate global hash database. Edward Snowden thinks that this global hash database containing iris scans of people is far from being deleted or, as the cryptocurrency says, that they instantly delete all the data after scanning the eyes. He thinks that simply deleting the data is not going to solve the issue. The very reason is a global hash database that can’t be deleted; this data remains intact for years to come.

Worldcoin to Collect People’s Most Sensitive Data

Despite the fact that the new cryptocurrency affirms deletion of the data, but still the hashes are produced for these scans, and these hashes could be used to build a technology that would be able to verify the future scans for the people whose data is already being collected. The very initiative of Worldcoin is to deliver this coin to as many people as possible on a global scale. Snowden has asked people to remain at a distance from Worldcoin and not use biometric data for simply anything. He came forward in a recent tweet and said that the human body is not a ticket punch; it shouldn’t be used for that purpose.

This type of thing only yields new conspiracies, as stealing or taking the data of people without their consent, this is not legal, nor it is a very ethical thing to do. Edward Snowden says that if you are conscious of your privacy, then simply ignore this crypto and others who are going to use the same technology or process in the future.

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