eBay Launches First NFT Collection

To buy, sell, and accumulate NFTs, you don’t need to be a crypto specialist. Lin Dai says the next 100M non-crypto customers will enjoy transformational Web3 technology.

eBay Opens Up NFTs to Non-cryptocurrency Purchasers

eBay is the world’s largest e-commerce company. They presented their first NFT drop on 24th May. It features a collection of tokenized artifacts, including NHL star Wayne Gretsky. The NFT line features animated Gretskys inspired by SI covers. The collection is now available for sale on eBay’s marketplace. Limited-edition tiers costing $1,500, $100, and $25 each sold out of the limited supply.

eBay created the collection in collaboration with OneOf. This NFT platform supports several energy-efficient blockchains to produce long-term NFT collections. eBay first allowed NFT listings last year. But they’re yet to integrate blockchain technology to support sales on its platform. Users get a rewards link through an in-platform message or email for this official drop. 

Polygon minted the NFTs that they’re trading on OneOf. Three individuals have advertised platinum tier NFTs at a floor price of $199, and one has sold a gold tier NFT for $69. Dawn Block commented on the drop. They said that NFT technology transformed the collectibles industry. 

The company wants to introduce NFTs to popular collectors worldwide. NFT collectors can get sought-after collectibles thanks to eBay and OneOf. It shows their dedication to giving eBay shoppers and sellers high-value items.

Lin Dai said the company is working to make NFTs more accessible to consumers. Particularly customers unfamiliar with cryptocurrency. People without experience can sell, buy, and collect NFTs. eBay OneOf is introducing Web3 to 100 Million non-cryptocurrency-native users.

eBay’s Previous Announcement to Enable the Sale of NFTs

NFT auctions are available on eBay’s marketplace for NFTs. According to a Reuters report, eBay customers matching certain conditions can list NFTs. The company wants to increase its digital collectibles’ policies and tools.

Jordan Sweetnam said that the company would put in place new features. Ones that’ll let customers buy and sell blockchain-based collectibles. The news comes 1-week after Jamie Iannone said the company would be looking into making NFT easier to use. 

Iannone said that buyers and sellers could currently trade NFTs on eBay. But, the site hasn’t streamlined the procedure. The business was also contemplating accepting cryptocurrency as a form of payment. People believe that eBay may be willing to accept cryptocurrency payments. 

3 years ago, a senior VP said eBay was trying to accept Bitcoin as payment. Over a thousand cryptos now use NFTs. They’re following the footsteps of digital art sold a few months ago. Even in a market like eBay, with over 187M active customers, the token rage could go even longer.

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