Decentralized Theme Parks To Give Virtual Prizes To Kids

Blockchain technology has been bringing frequent changes in the overall structure of finance in the past few months, and now the children will be able to play and learn while providing the foundation for the advancement of the theme parks having a decentralized economy.

A new project named Explorer R Experience Hub is going to be inaugurated by the Ocean Park of Hong Kong, which provides an attractive and friendly experience to the children by enabling them to have super-pets in the game for learning about the actual environment and to create their avatars in the game thus nourishing their creativity.

STEAM-based learning provides the basis for this Experience Hub, which is an approach toward education incorporating arts, sciences, engineering, mathematics, and technology as the sources for shaping the learners’ critical thinking, practical learning, dialogue, and sense of inquiry. The latest development incorporates the newly entered technologies like tracking the others in the virtual world utilizing indoor positioning systems linked with gameplay, gesture mapping, and image recognition. Immersive One (a prominent multidisciplinary group having specialization in blockchain technology, creative media technology, and gaming) has created the hub, which is only the beginning of a widely expanded vision.

Crypto rather than coupons

The adults may recall moving to the arcades in their childhood and earning a few coupons to be exchanged with the prizes by making points through playing favourite games. In return for spending all of their pocket money, they would get novelty gadgets or stuffed toys as a reward.

Unlike the traditional games, at the decentralized theme parks being developed, the children will be provided with the latest forms of cryptocurrency such as unique NFTs (non-fungible tokens) instead of coupons or tickets. These NFTs will enable the owners to buy the physical world things such as admission to a theme park, upgrading the avatars, and purchasing foods and other things.

Digital holdings and trade

As the decentralized theme park is supported by the blockchain, it will propose a public chain on which the consumers would be able allowed to trade their NFT avatars in the open market, and the value of the NFTs will get doubled by the scarcity of the elements of the NFTs that will help increase the enthusiasm for learning and gameplay in the future.

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