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Crypto Can Help People And Make A Difference In Their Lives

The simplicity of using digital currencies has proved vital for a charitable organization as crypto is doing a job that it was not intended to do in the first place. An influencer is relying on crypto to save a sanctuary for the sake of youth.

Cryptocurrency has become more attractive for its proponent because of the latest bullish trend in Bitcoin and all altcoins. For traders, stacking profits is useless if they cannot use it for any good. Charitable organizations and NGOs have started taking cryptocurrency donations. Seeing a local gym fighting for its survival, blockchain entrepreneur Wendy O reached on Twitter to fetch help.

In Pomana, a gym named ‘The Self Care Lab’ is serving underprivileged youth. Its owner Nita Watson came to know recently through a notice that she has 30 days to vacate the building as the ownership of the building has changed. The gym has been a second home for youth for many years now, and shifting is never an easy task for anyone.

Wendy O, who is a client and a big supporter of physical activities, grasped the sensitivity of the situation and decided to do something. Wendy started contacting traders in her blockchain network and businessmen to collect funds for the relocation of the gym as well as to upgrade some of its worn-out machinery. The online movement proved more useful and secured enough crypto donations to find a new place nearby for the gym.

Wendy O told Cointelegraph that she considers this gym a part of her life because it’s something more than a gym for the locality. She was hopeful that her friends in the crypto fraternity would not let her down, and they fulfilled her hopes by helping cordially.

She moved a step forward and launched nonfungible tokens (NFTs) as well on Theta blockchain for the same purpose. She is the first to use this option for such a noble cause because no one else had used a decentralized ecosystem in this way before. In this way, she was able to avoid payment operators, third-party processors, and middlemen, which is why 100% of the donations reached the needy.

Prior to this example, the Kessler Foundation and Dementia Society of America have already been accepting Bitcoin donations. Other than this, non-profitable organizations are collecting crypto charities to use for humanitarian efforts in war-torn Afghanistan.

It is a convenience of cryptocurrency which has generated more responses from people. The traditional way of donating requires lengthy form filling, manually inputting credit card information, and other steps as well. On the opposite side, crypto investors now send digital currencies with a single click.

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