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Compass Mining Introduces New Service that will Enable Crypto Mining at Home

Compass Mining has introduced a new service that provides people the ability to purchase crypto mining equipment and perform their own mining operations back at home.

At-Home Mining

The service is named as At-Home Mining, which will let users perform their own personal mining operations inside of their homes. Compass Mining was the first-ever marketplace where Bitcoin mining technology was available for purchase, and now the company is expanding its reach across homes as well. Buyers will be able to find the specific mining hardware they need on the marketplace and purchase it for use at home. This service will allow anyone literally to purchase an ASIC mining rig, operate it in their homes without having to worry about payments that mining facilities charge for operations.

CEO of Compass Mining, Whitney Gibbs, stated that they are working to make Bitcoin mining accessible to anyone because our customers have shown a very major interest in setting up mining rigs at their homes, so this new service will bring a lot of flexibility when it comes to crypto mining.

Service Offerings

As of now, the service offers a choice between two options for buyers. One option gives buyers to choose from 3 mining rigs, the Whatsminer M31S+, priced at $8100, the WhatsminerM30S costing $9,750, and the Antminer S19, available for $10,400. The second option consists of a bundle that includes six Antminer S19J Pros that have a hashrate of 100 TH/s. The units will be delivered from February to July of next year, and there will also be a small hosting fee charged. Every miner will be receiving their own hosting contract, and the deposits will be returned 12 months after the hosting was initiated.

Although crypto mining can be done by anyone having a decent computer or laptop, as years have passed, the requirements and formalities have changed. As the mining industry has grown into the billions, the competition has also risen to unimaginable levels. Large scale companies operating on thousands of mining rigs have been showing their dominance in the industry. Small-scale mining operations are, therefore, struggling because of the huge requirements and operating costs of crypto mining, so in order to bring up small-scale mining operations, Compass Mining has brought up this new service to help out local individuals who are interested in performing their own personal mining operations.

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