Coinbase To Launch New Features For Corporates And Retail Consumers

Coinbase is the largest cryptocurrency exchange platform in the United States. The exchange also became a registered public enterprise this year. It is also considered one of the most well-known and trusted platforms for crypto trading in the region. The management of Coinbase has been planning to introduce new features to keep up with the demands of their consumers.

The company management has recently come up with a new feature that is going to benefit both the retail and the commercial community. With this new feature, the account holders of Coinbase will be able to receive their paychecks directly from their digital wallets. The users will also have the option to convert their entire or partial paycheck into the digital assets that are offered on the said network.

Coinbase Is Looking For New Partners

Coinbase management also told the media that they are looking for partners and third-party contractors to make this new feature possible. The top candidates that are under review for this partnership are namely SuperRare Labs, Nansen, M31 Capital, Fortress Investment Group, among others. Coinbase is arranging meetings with the management of these firms and collecting the quotation and financial documents to make their final decision.

For the time being, the exact launch date for the said service is unknown. The management at Coinbase has claimed that the new feature is going to be accessible for the users in the United States in upcoming weeks. Coinbase has told the media that the new feature is going to be introduced with a host of new incentives and bonus points for the new account holders.

Coinbase has announced the new salary deposit account feature to notify potential corporate businesses in advance. The crypto exchange platform has already set up a department that has started to receive the applicants who want to set up a commercial remuneration account. For this purpose, any enterprise can ask their HR department to contact Coinbase management for setting up the account.

The management of Coinbase also claimed that with this new feature, the hassle and delays that are caused by the bank salary transfers are going to be minimized. There are some crypto enterprises like Bitwage and Strike that are already offering this feature. However, Coinbase is going to be the largest and most popular platform to offer this service to its users.

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