Coinbase Is All Set To Integrate Google Pay And Apple Pay

Popular crypto exchange Coinbase recently made it known that it has plans of enabling its clients to purchase cryptocurrencies through both Google Pay as well as Apple Pay via connected debit cards. Coinbase is based in San Francisco and the plans of integrating with Google Pay and Apple Pay are just another step towards helping the exchange maintain its position as one of the most popular and used platforms in the entire crypto industry.

The entire mindset behind the new integration is to provide the users with improved ease of access and to make the entire process of actually buying crypto much easier and seamless. As such, the users now possess the ability to purchase cryptocurrency assets on the exchange via the utilization of debit cards that have been successfully linked to both Google Pay and Apple Pay. At the moment, only the latter has been completely integrated with Coinbase, however the platform shall integrate Google Pay as well before long, with the integration expected to take place later on in the fall season of this year.

Instant cash-outs

Coinbase had additionally announced the launch of instantaneous cash-outs with a limit of $100,000 through RTP (Real Time Payments). Through this, U.S customers will be able to connect their respective bank accounts in order to securely and instantly cash out for a maximum of $100K per transaction. This development is significant for Coinbase as in the past, it could take up to a few days for such large amounts to be successfully withdrawn.

Moreover, the platform has intentions of launching its very own ‘Coinbase app store’, through which various dApps will be featured from numerous external developers.
No stopping Coinbase

Through the abovementioned integration with Google Pay and Apple Pay, Coinbase will continue to build momentum and enhance its presence and influence in other nations. Presently, it operates in more than 40 countries worldwide and over 140 million active users. Coinbase also currently accepts cred and debit card purchases in more than 20 nations.

Furthermore, Coinbase deciding to go public on Nasdaq was a moment of the utmost importance as far as the market goes, and the platform has focused its attention on constantly improving its products and services ever since. Also, a 500% increase had taken place for the support staff hires, and it is easy to see that Coinbase is experiencing fundamental growth in its business operations as well as the stock market.

In related news, Coinbase has plans of expanding to even more countries and had also managed to acquire Zabo lately, which is a technology firm focused on providing assistance regarding the integration of various crypto solutions.

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