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CMC Markets Review – Fulfill Your Trading Goals With CMC Markets

CMC Markets Review

One of the most lucrative and talked about professions in the world is that of a trader. This job doesn’t just offer a world of flexibility, because people can be their own boss, but also comes with the potential of earning huge returns. With the advent of the internet, markets have become more accessible than ever and this has prompted lots of people to switch to trading as a full-time job. You can participate in various markets and create a diverse portfolio that can aid you in doubling your investment effectively. But, in order to do that, you first need to have a broker through which you can conduct your trades.

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There is no shortage of brokers in the market today and you can find a large number of options when you do a search, but the key is to find a single brokerage that can offer you all that you will need in your journey. This is where CMC Markets may be a good option as this is an online trading brokerage offering people the ability of trading a wide array of financial assets across the markets globally. This brokerage was established this year in March, but is already serving nearly 50,000 traders who are spread over 76 countries.

The very first thing that most traders note about CMC Markets is that it features not one, but three very sophisticated trading platforms.

The first is CMC Markets very own proprietary web-based trading platform that users can access from any mobile device or computer through the web browser interface. This can be highly appealing, especially for newbies, because it means that there is no need for them to download any sophisticated hardware or software and there is no need or any installation. Even without this, the platform is able to operate very smoothly and doesn’t experience any lags that might cause breakdowns. The official name of this proprietary platform is the CMC Markets WebTrader and it boasts advanced functionality and an unrivaled design.

One of the most notable things about CMC Markets trading platform is that it is immensely user-friendly and allows traders to enjoy an intuitive and seamless trading experience for all traders, whether they are beginners or experienced. Apart from that, another perk you enjoy with CMC Markets is that it comes with a comprehensive advanced charting package that has six different chart types to offer along with eight unique time frames and these are combined with a huge list of built-in technical indicators. Suffice it to say, CMC Markets WebTrader can work out for all kinds of traders, no matter what their background, skill or experience is.

There are two other trading platforms that traders can use when they sign up at CMC Markets. There is the market renowned Meta Trader 4 (MT4) trading platform for downloading and trading purposes. Last, but definitely not the least, you can also gain access to a state of the art mobile trading application, which comes with imperative features and functions. This can be extremely beneficial because it allows traders to use their smartphones for conducting their traders and they can be on the move when doing so, making it incredibly convenient. The variety offered by CMC Markets is not just limited to the trading platforms that are available, but also extends to the exchange markets it can provide access to.

At CMC Markets, traders can enjoy an extensive array of financial assets and products that they can trade across a number of global markets. For instance, traders can decide whether they wish to participate in the forex market, the commodities market, trade cryptocurrencies, indices or even try their luck in stocks. Moreover, the features offered for each of these markets are quite diverse and unique, something that not all platforms can claim to provide. An overview is provided below:


You can trade oil and gold in this market and benefit from the option of high leverage that you cannot find elsewhere. The spreads are really low and the rates you find are some of the best ones available.

Stocks The commissions are low and the leverage options are high, which makes this market a tempting one to trade on CMC Markets. This platform allows you to make extended trades even after market hours.


The spreads are low and you get access to major, minor and exotic currency pairs for trading purposes. The leverage offered by CMC Markets for trading in the forex market goes as high as 150 percent.


Trading indices on CMC Markets can actually be an excellent decision because it provides you access to the most popular international markets. You also get low margin and can go with short or long trading positions.


With CMC Markets, you get CFDs on the most notable and popular cryptocurrencies and you can benefit from flexible contract size as well as high leverage.

Once you have decided the market you wish to trade in, your next step has to be about signing up on CMC Markets. Here again, the platform offers a horde of options as there are different account types suitable for different traders. You need to decide what kind of account you are interested in and this can depend on your skill, experience, the amount you can invest and the risks you are willing to take. Let’s take a look at the account options you will come across:


This is the first option and as the name shows, it has been introduced for those who are just joining the trading world and don’t have any prior experience. Using this account is a good idea for such traders because it helps them in understanding and mastering the basics so they ca move onto more exciting and complicated trades. Through this account, you can use the services of a personal account manager, get some basic training, read the latest news and also take advantage of the knowledge center. The spreads in this account are fixed and expert advisers are willing to provide any necessary assistance. You can get 24/5 customer support and get a leverage of 1:100.


This is the second choice in account types and is recommended to those who have used the starter account and are now ready to move up a step. The features of this account are similar to that in the starter account, but there is an added advantage of being able to watch webinars that can enhance your knowledge about the market.


The third option is the Gold account and is designed for traders who take their trading activities rather seriously. This account comes with a bunch of sophisticated tools and features that can be quite useful when trades have to be executed. With this account, traders are able to get advanced training and can even go for one-on-one training sessions with experienced consultants. Plus, the Gold account offers traders daily market alerts for quick and smart decision making and the leverage jumps up to 1:200.


The last account option is one that has been especially introduced for VIP traders and is best used by those who are ambitious and wish to trade professionally. This account boasts floating spreads and there are personal trainers to assist you when you need. Moreover, with a Platinum account, traders can choose to set up personal trading conditions and there is also a personal bonus policy that can turn out to be useful.

The choice of account type can vary from trader to trader as no two people have the same goal. The minimum deposit requirements are also different for each account and you can decide what you are comfortable with and then sign up on CMC Markets. The good thing is that the actual signing up process is quite simple. It is not too detailed either and can be done quickly. You have to provide some personal details as well as verification documents, but this is all to ensure that there no delays or problems in the future.

Furthermore, when it comes to security and fairness, CMC Markets comes off as a reputable online trading brokerage that can give traders access to reliable and safe trading services. While it is not clear if they keep the clients’ funds segregated, they have outlined their privacy and security policies. In no way does CMC Markets shares your personal and confidential data with any outsiders and everything is encrypted. As a matter of fact, the website uses 256-bit SSL encryption, which is the strongest there is and the purpose is to ensure that all interactions between the platform and customers are safe. Anti-money Laundering (AML) policy has also been implemented along with other security protocols and strong firewalls and anti-virus software are used for keeping hackers and other cyber criminals out.

CMC Markets clearly instructs all its users to not share their username or password with anyone. In fact, even if someone contacts them and claims to be from the platform, they should still not hand out their details. If there is a problem, traders can always reach out to the customer support team of CMC Markets. The level of customer support that the platform has to offer to its users is definitely exemplary. In fact, the promptness and reliability of the service has also garnered it a few awards in a very short period of time. The customer support representatives at CMC Markets are able to be very informative when it comes to their responses and give you concise answers that show they have put a lot of effort in them.

You can reach out to these support representatives via email, live chat and phone and they are also working on introducing other methods to make things simple and easy for their clients. Moving on, another aspect where CMC Markets shines is the variety in payment methods. You can find a world of deposit options as well as withdrawal methods, which suits all kinds of traders. Some of the options that you will find are bank transfer, Visa and Mastercard, Maestro UK, Komodo, Delta and online payment methods like Skrill and Neteller. The charges associated with each of these methods can vary and you can decide what is convenient for you and opt for it accordingly.

While all of these features are undeniably good and make CMC Markets a great platform, there is one element that has made it ideal for traders, beginners in particular. This is the education center that you can access when you sign up on CMC Markets. Why is the education center beneficial? Here you can find a horde of educational material that can add to your knowledge about different trading markets and teach you the strategies that you can use for increasing your returns. You can find a large number of detailed videos, webinars as well as e-books that explain everything in a simple language. Even novices will not have any trouble understanding the concepts explained and will be able to learn a lot from them.

All in all, CMC Markets will come off as a polished online trading brokerage that provides a world of features and tools that enable it to compete with other reputable online trading brokers. Yes, CMC Markets is quite new and it will take it time to build a positive reputation, but it is already on its way of doing so. Its proprietary CMC Markets WebTrader platform is one of the most sophisticated ones out there and can accommodate the needs of all kinds of traders with ease. You can follow the simple steps to make an account, fund it with your preferable payment method and get started with trading right away.

Crypto Comeback Pro

Crypto Comeback Pro Review #1 Best Trading Software

83% Declared Win Rate

$250 Min Deposit

Accepts Credit Card

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