Candidate for NYC’s Mayor Wants to Turn NYC into World’s Greatest Crypto-Friendly Metropolitan

New York City (NYC) of the US is anticipating to see who is going to be their next Mayor. Amongst the candidates is one Curtis Sliwa who, as part of his campaign, has remarked that if he is elected as the NYC’s next Mayor then he will make sure that NYC is turned into the world’s greatest crypto friendly metropolitan. This shows how huge is the sense of crypto adoption amongst NYC’s recent past, present and future Mayors.

The residents living in the New York City, US (NYC) are anxious to welcome their next Mayor. The elections for electing the next Mayor are due to take place on 2nd November, 2021. There is huge activity in NYC involving enthusiastic election campaigns being run by the election candidates. Currently, NYC’s Mayor is one Bill de Blasio whose tenure is going to end by 31st December, 2021 when the new Mayor will overtake.

There are currently 10 candidates who are running for the NYC Mayor. Amongst them, from Republicans is Curtis Sliwa and from Democrats is Eric Adams. The chances are that the next Mayor is going to be from either party.

It could be from Democrats or from the side of Republicans. However, it would be too early to expect the results. Usually, it is seen that a candidate from the ruling party wins the election but sometimes the results were to the contrary.

Curtis Sliwa, who represents Republicans, too has initiated his election campaign. During his recent campaigns in the city, he remarked about cryptocurrencies. He said that if he is elected as the Mayor then he will make sure that NYC is turned into world’s greatest crypto-friendly metropolitan.

He suggested that NYC’s residents like cryptocurrencies and so do he. There is strong bond between the residents and virtual assets and he wants strengthen it further. He thinks that NYC could easily become a hub for entire crypto universe. However, the city needs someone who could do the job and he believes that he is capable of doing that.

He made this remark when he was hosting a radio talk show regional radio station wherein he himself is the presenter. He himself had founded an NGO called the “Guardian Angles” in NYC. The NGO’s primary objective is to prevent crime involved unarmed criminal activities.

Because of this he is highly regarded for having done a great service to the local community. He was then made the CEO of this organization and is still serving the organization in such capacity. It was only in June when Republicans posed confidence in him and gave him ticket to running for the Mayor’s elections. There are high chances as well that he could be the next Mayor of NYC, however, the fate will be decided on 2nd November, 2021.

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