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Bank of America Sees Bright Future Ahead for Metaverse within Crypto-Sector

With the passage of time, it has become common thing for cryptocurrency-related data analytical firms to share positive reviews about new crypto innovations. For metaverse, the cryptocurrency-related firms had the same kind of predictions to share.

However, metaverse has managed to gain even more mentioning from outside the cryptocurrency. This is something that is very rare for any sector to experience that is within the cryptocurrency industry.

Fortunately, metaverse recently had its platform praised by one of the largest banking solutions from the United States “The Bank of America”.

Even within the cryptocurrency sector, the predictions and analyses that come out of the Bank of America related to cryptocurrencies are taken very seriously. It is because of the credibility of the Bank of American in the traditional financial sector that has earned it respect even from the rival (crypto) industry.

The Bank of America has reportedly made a comment about the metaverse sector within the cryptocurrency industry. The banking giant spoke highly of the particular space stating that in the long run, the metaverse is bound to experience massive growth.

The metaverse space will gain excess growth and adoption within the cryptocurrency sector. Over the course of time, metaverse has managed to earn its place within the cryptocurrency and blockchain sector. The past couple of years have worked out in favor of virtual reality and digitalization. This is the reason why the metaverse sector has started gaining a huge amount of growth and adoption within the crypto-verse.

Haim Israel, one of the senior-most strategists at the Bank of America shared his remarks about the potential of the metaverse technology within the crypto-space. He speculated that it will be the metaverse technology that will gain a lot of mainstream adoption for the crypto-sector.

He stated that the metaverse is the space where the usage of cryptocurrencies will be justified. For now, cryptocurrencies are being used mainly for trades. There aren’t enough platforms that are accepting cryptocurrencies as a mode of payment.

The metaverse will be able to give true meaning to the entire cryptocurrency sector and it will be arriving sooner than expected.

It was in the month of October 2021, when the metaverse sector actually gained tremendous growth. Even Meta (formerly known as Facebook), has revealed that the name of the company was changed to Meta because of the company’s new endeavors.

As of now, the metaverse lands are being auctioned or purchased by thousands of users, willing to pay several million in some cases. This is the reason why the trading volume on metaverse is constantly rising.

At present, the overall valuation of the metaverse is $73,993,882,999 and the overall trading volume on the space within the past 24-hours is $15,628,323,632. Some of the major cryptocurrencies on the metaverse space include ANA, AXS, SAND, and THETA, among others.

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