Axie Infinity’s Discord Platform Gets Hacked

On May 18th, it was revealed that an outside party had breached the MEE6 bot running on the main server of the Axie Infinity Discord platform. Based on the team’s statement, the hackers added rights to a fictitious Jiho account using the MEE6 bot and then made false statements about an upcoming mint. 

A Discord bot called MEE6 that is responsible for permitting administrators to give and revoke duties and send messages automatically. The MEE6 bot had similar troubles on many projects’ servers. Administrator accounts were hacked at several popular websites, including RTFKT and PROOF/Moonbirds.

MEE6 Bot on Discord Got Hacked

The statements that showed a unique mint were removed, based on Axie Infinity’s statement. Some users, nevertheless, may keep getting notifications and might have to get their Discord restarted. Additionally, the team has claimed that the Mee6 bot has been removed from the system and that a surprising mint would never be performed.

The Axie Infinity team’s social media accounts will be updated concurrently with information about the incident. According to MEE6’s official support, the software hasn’t been infiltrated, but the servers’ administrators have been, enabling hackers to submit their messages using MEE6 features.

The Axie Infinity team and community are reeling from the latest Ronin bridge attack that netted $625,000,000. There has been a dramatic decrease in the popularity of the P2E game on Axie Infinity, with many of the game’s most prominent players quitting.

To develop a reaction role feature from MEE6 so that you can provide different account admin privileges, hackers have probably targeted the accounts of the admins first, said security experts at Discord. These attacks hide the hijacked administrator account and instead use it in sending webbook messages. Instead of trying to track down the hijacked account, the ideal course of action is to uninstall MEE6/the webbooks right away.

Axie Infinity Hits Inflection

The project, Axie Infinity seems to be crashing due to attacks and delays. The group was angry with the game’s delays in issuing awards and land. Players have even stopped playing the game altogether because of the constant hacking. Within 6-months, the value of AXS has fallen from an ATH of $160 down to around $20.

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