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Atlastocks Review – What Makes this Broker a Good Choice?

Atlastocks Review

Looking for a broker? Many people are on the hunt for one nowadays, as they are interested in taking advantage of the opportunities provided by the financial markets. Who doesn’t want to earn high returns with a small investment and in a short span of time? You can do all of this with online trading, but only when you have the right broker. After all, they are the ones who give you access to the markets, so they need to be professional and reputable. One of the names you will find is that of Atlastocks and you need to check out an Atlastocks review to see if it is capable or not.

An international corporation by the name of Atlastocks International Group launched this brokerage to provide people with quality trading service. They are currently serving traders all over the globe and have managed to facilitate more than a million traders on their platform since they were established. But, you need to know what makes them different from the others before you choose their services. This Atlastocks review can help you in this regard:

The Variety of Instruments

With hundreds of brokers in the market, you are not exactly short on options, but you need to know what makes Atlastocks a good choice over the rest. In this case, the staggering variety of instruments they offer to their clients is enough to convince you. There are more than 15,000 assets that can be found on their platform and these belong to some of the most renowned financial markets in the world. They have gone to great lengths to provide their clients with profitable choices from each market, allowing you to reach your financial goals as quickly as possible.

They offer shares and indices trading, helping you invest in tech, healthcare, real estate, finance, communications, utilities and other companies. Commodities trading is also offered by Atlastocks and these include energy, precious metals, livestock and agriculture. You can try your luck in the forex market and choose from major, minor and exotic pairs. Digital currencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and more are also available.

The Secure Trading Environment

With cybersecurity a major concern, it is a given that traders would want a broker that offers a secure trading environment and this is exactly what Atlastocks delivers to its clients. They maintain segregated customer accounts with the leading banks to keep them safe. They are not merged with the company’s accounts to prevent misappropriation. High-grade encryption is used for keeping all data safe. In addition, the AML (Anti-Money Laundering) and KYC (Know-Your-Customer) policies are also applicable for reducing the risk of money laundering, financial fraud and identity theft.

A Web Trading Solution

Another major offering of Atlastocks that works in its favor is the availability of the WebTrader, which is a simple yet feature-rich trading solution. This next-generation trading platform boasts a user-friendly interface that works for both newbies and skilled traders and leads to an optimal trading experience. It has been equipped with several trading tools, including charts, analysis tools and price alerts. The latest financial news is also provided for smart decision-making. The platform uses advanced technology to offer quick trade execution and can be used on any device with a web browser, making it immensely flexible.

Three Account Options

It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner, intermediate or skilled trader, you will find a suitable account option at Atlastocks that allows you to trade comfortably. They have come up with three account options to cater to traders of different skill levels. The initial investment that you have to make is $250 and the trading conditions i.e. spreads and leverage offered in each account are different. A welcome bonus is also provided, along with other tools like market reports and technical and fundamental analysis tools.

Bottom Line

You will also get dedicated customer support at Atlastocks and they have a quick registration process that enables you to get started right away.

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