APENFT Marketplace Starts Up Mainnet – The First NFT Marketplace On TRON

Justin H.E Sun, the founder of TRON cryptocurrency and Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Grenada to the World Trade Organisation (WTO), revealed to the public that on the 15th of April, at noon UTC, the APENFT Marketplace Mainnet would launch. 

The APENFT Marketplace Mainnet is the first of its kind on TRON, and its launch shows a significant step towards success in the current advancement of the TRON NFT ecosystem. The APENFT Marketplace doesn’t charge any initial cost of transactions but only a little gas fees to support NFT artists and developers to list their artwork on the platform.

An essential part of the TRON ecosystem, APENFT aspires to build a global collection of art that is cross-disciplinary and to serve as a bridge for established traditional artists to break into the emerging new-fangled technology (NFT) sector.   The BitTorrent File System (BTFS), the world’s most extensive distributed storage system, is employed to deliver safe, reliable, efficient, effective, and decentralized services to Fans of NFT art globally and the TRON network leading tech. APENFT transforms well-known art pieces into NFTs in the same way that blockchain democratizes money. 

It modernizes the way artworks are shown and transforms them from elite-exclusive goods into something that truly belongs to the public. APENFT believes that art should be accessible to all. The NFT with the Monkey Head from the “12 Digital Zodiac Heads” series has been listed on the marketplace for sale as the first NFT collectible. Based on company reports,  this listing aligns with Mainnet’s debut in affiliation with the APENFT. During the particular auction set up by Metapoly XM, subordinate to Poly Auction, Justin bought the entire set of “12 Digital Zodiac Heads”, the unique NFT art collection, on the 31st of March for over $1.5 million(Xiamen).

APENFT intends to set the initial price at 666 WTRX, which is the equivalent of $666. The Monkey Head NFT will be for the bidder who offers the highest bid. Furthermore, the APENFT Marketplace will acknowledge the highest bidders who come out tops daily with a Regular Genesis NFT in the auction. In addition, bidders are likely to obtain extra bonuses the APENFT Marketplace offers. 

The bidder who comes in the first place will get a Legendary Genesis NFT; the bidder in the second place will get an exclusive Epic Genesis NFT with a Monkey head theme. The bidder in the third place will get a WIN NFT HORSE with an NFT Zodiac Animal head theme. Because monkeys signify brilliance and rebellion in Chinese culture, the Monkey Head NFT has tremendous symbolic significance. The combination of the Monkey Head NFT and the APENFT Marketplace is the first time that ancient artworks have been made available in a decentralized environment.

Aside from that, Justin has donated several famous artworks to organizations like the APENFT Foundation, which backs the NFT art development, including Giacometti’s Le Nez BFT and Pablo Picasso’s Femme nue couchée au collier (Marie-Thérèse). The method of the APENFT Marketplace more accurately symbolizes inclusion and equality, which are two of the future trends of Web 3.0. 

Furthermore, the APENFT Marketplace draws NFT projects related to popular subjects in the market, enabling NFT enthusiasts to get involved from the beginning. Finally, by lowering handling fees early and providing creators with greater freedom in allocating their royalties, the APENFT Marketplace lowers the barrier to entry into the NFT market for ordinary consumers and businesses.

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