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American Rapper Busta Rhymes Holds BTC

Busta Rhymes, an American Rapper, is looking to get paid in Bitcoin (BTC). Rhymes initially talked about this by posting on Twitter, stating that he is curious about what crypto is and asks his fans about this topic. At this, his fans told about their favourite crypto coins. Subsequently, Busta Rhymes was stunned by such a huge amount of suggestions. Thus he demanded further clarification about which coins should be invested in, which, again, led to the suggestions of more hundreds of cryptocurrencies.

However, Busta’s interest did not wane after such an incident. Rather it made him more curious. The rapper was still in search of information, so Jack Dorsey (the CEO of Twitter and a Bitcoin maximalist) directed him toward a website hosted by a black. Following this, MicroStrategy’s Michael Saylor grasped Busta’s attention and presented his information hub to the rapper stating BTC is Hope.

Taking a decision

The rapper appreciated all the assistance given to him by a post. After that, he continuously posted about crypto. While discussing the inconsistent crypto prices as well as the methods by which these currencies acquire their value, the rapper got even more inquisitive about them as if the cryptos should be taught in schools. As cryptocurrencies are further entering mainstream finance, the kids can learn a lot about such a topic to get prepared before coming into the actual world.

As a consequence of the exhaustive discussions made by the rapper, it seemed that he had finally reached a decision. It was later tweeted by Busta that he made an investment in BTC following the B-Word conference featuring Cathie Wood, Elon Musk, and Jack Dorsey. However, Rhymes did end there, and his tweet further clarified he is thinking about making the next investment into Ethereum.

Busta Rhymes seeks BTC payments

As he purchased crypto, Busta’s interest appears to have doubled. In yesterday’s Twitter post, he mentioned his desire to get paid in BTC. He further elaborated that he was considering accepting Bitcoin to be paid for the shows, and this would assist him in his business dealings in the future. For another time, he showed his gratitude for the B-Word panellists as he was convinced of Bitcoin as he watched the conference. Adopting crypto is not a new concept for celebrities as the Footballer Lionel Messi is also being paid in crypto for his PSG participation.

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