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8.2M USDT Frozen On Ethereum

As a result of the technical issues that the firm encountered, the most well-known creator of stable cryptocurrencies, Tether, has once again halted the manufacturing of USDT.

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Using Ethereum’s decentralized ledger, it was possible to secure more than $8 million worth of bitcoin effectively. On October 10, the cryptocurrency monitoring organization Whale Alert detected various transactions.

They seem to imply that Tether has temporarily locked down some USDT addresses. The business identified these addresses.

According to Etherscan’s transaction logs, there are now $2.7 million, $1.96 million, and $3.5 million USDT at the frozen destinations.

These wallet addresses once had USDT stablecoins with a combined value of $8.2 million. However, they have now been frozen, which means that they can no longer send money to or from them. 

The total value of the stablecoins held at these addresses was $8.2 million. In the past, the value of the USDT stablecoins stored at these wallet addresses was 8.2 million dollars.

Tether has been “working actively with enforcement agencies abroad to assist with investigations, particularly freezes,” according to a company representative. “Within the framework of its best-in-class approach to compliance.”

Tether Issues A Statement

Tether stated it could not comment on coordination with law enforcement. It was part of Tether’s denial that it had any comment about the most recent freezes. It said that it had nothing to say about the matter.

Tether has already frozen Eth USDT accounts on many occasions before these most recent freezes. On January 1, 2022, Tether introduced access constraints for a total of three Eth addresses, as was previously disclosed.

Any of the three locations is subject to these regulations. These accounts had a combined total of about 150,000,000 USDT in Ethereum.

Tether has been in constant contact with law enforcement since blocking its first USDT address in November 2017. It has resulted in 796 USDT transactions being reserved on the Ethereum network.

It takes the total number of addresses it has banned up to 1,095, which is a new record high. The procedure of banning IP addresses got underway in November.

Philippe Castonguay, an Ethereum researcher who also administers a dashboard for Dune Analytics. Discovered that so far in 2022, Tether had blocked 216 Ethereum-based USDT accounts. 

Castonguay is responsible for managing the dashboard. He ensures that the dashboard is always brought up to date. 

The USDT at these addresses came from the exchange.

According to the data that CoinGecko provided, there is more than $445 million USDT worth based on Ethereum. It is kept in wallets that are only accessible by allowed users. 

It was 0.64 percent of the entire amount of money circulating when this article was written, which was $65 billion altogether.

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