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10,000 Bitcoin ATMs Installed Globally This Year

Cryptocurrencies have suddenly made their move into the mainstream media; these are now used by institutional investors, financial institutions as well as general-purpose brands for the sake of payment and whatnot. Many governments, states, and financial enterprises have made the shift towards cryptocurrencies. They don’t only accept them but are also legalizing them and accepting them as legal tender; El Salvador is a shining example of that.

The overall demand for crypto assets such as Bitcoin has been growing ecstatically around the world, and this has made it incumbent that the ATM network supporting this wide berthed crypto adoption is tackled properly. These ATMs not only help people to withdraw their crypto assets in real-time but also help them to convert into fiat currency that they can abruptly use. According to the recent data acquired by various financial enterprises, there are over 13,242 Bitcoin ATMs that have been established and installed globally in the first quarter of 2021.

The US Hosts Majority Of Bitcoin ATMs

It seems that bitcoin is not only going mainstream but has become the destination cryptocurrency for all businesses around the world. America has the highest possible number of crypto ATMs stretched throughout the country, with a clear count of 26,489 ATMs installed. Europe, on the other hand, has only 1268 ATMs for that matter, and as for Asia, there are only 234 ATMs. The data is subject to change or customization because the numbers could be one up or down. This hints towards the ever-increasing popularity of cryptocurrencies on a global scale and institutional investors taking a shine towards Bitcoin.

2021 has been a wonderful year when it comes to crypto adoption as this is the very year when Bitcoin skyrocketed in value and reached almost $65K but then again, this is the same year when China imposed a severe crackdown against cryptocurrencies and proved it to be a very challenging time for the crypto market. Many brands in the world have gone crypto pro and are now facilitating their customers to be able to pay for merchandise, services, or products in the form of Bitcoin; if this thing remains the way it is, then surely there will be new ATMs installed, and the adoption rates will just continue to climb.

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